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Anthony Kinyon, 2006-07-02

This is the developers first mod, and I have to say its fairly good. While he has used stock models for everything which I know some people dislike he has paid attention to something which is far more important and often forgotten, which is the gameplay.

Star Trek: Armada 2 - "Day of Reckoning MOD" by Anthony Kinyon
Version: 1.0

Copyright: Star Trek is a property/trademark/copyright of Paramount Pictures.
Armada and Armada 2 are copyrights/trademarks of Mad Doc and Activision.
This MOD, "Day of Reckoning" is copyright (C) by Anthony Kinyon. I did not
use anything from anyone else except what came in the stock game. All
modifications were made by me.

A word from the author:
This is my first attempt at releasing a publicly available MOD for Star Trek:
Armada 2 from Activision/Mad Doc. I hope you enjoy it! I would appreciate
constructive comments/feedback on this MOD.

MOD Features:
-This is not a complete list.
-There are now Defiant class and Advanced Defiant Class. Both are
powerful and have stronger shields and improved weapons. Adv.
Defiant Class are stronger and a little larger. Both can cloak.
Adv. Defiant Class have Borg torpedos, using technology Starfleet
captured from disabled Borg ships. Normal Defiant-class ships
have the same torpedos as Sovereign Class ships.
-Galaxy Class starships are stronger and have more special weapons
than in the stock game. Conjoined, they have the shield harmonics
disruptor to disable enemy shields. Separated, the saucer section
has Warp Core Overload like the Steamrunner Class. The battle
section has the Chain Reaction Pulsar.
-Sovereign Class ships are stronger.
-Venture class ships are now refitted and worth making. Starbases
can now build them. They have increased crew, better shields and
vastly improved weapons. They are cheap and when used in groups,
can make a substantial difference in the outcome of the game. They
are still quite weak against most other ships, especially when
fighting solo, but they are greatly improved from how they were in
the stock game.
-The Federation now starts with the USS Incursion (Incurion Class),
the and the USS Enterprise E (Sovereign) with Picard in command.
-The Enterprise E has improved stats but is not by any means
-The Enterprise D is one of the ships that will be built as Galaxy
class from your Advanced Shipyard (at random). It uses the regular
Federation voice, not Picards. It is not a hero unit.
-The USS Defiant is buildable as a regular ship, and it not a hero unit.
-The USS Voyager is buildable as a regular ship, and is not a hero unit.
-Intrepid Class starships have improved shields and stats. They are
now fitted with a Transwarp Drive from captured Borg technology and
resurrected technology from the USS Excelsior as seen in Star Trek: 3.
-The Borg start with the Borg Queen's Diamond, a hero unit.
-The Romulans start with a warbird.
-The Klingons start with Martok's Negh'Var.
-The Federation starts with an improved Nebula class ship.
-Buildable Nebula class ships have not been changed from stock config.
-Sabre Class has been removed from the game and replaced with Adv.
Defiant Class.
-Federation turrets have improved shields. Other races turrets are
not changed but will probably be made comparable in a future version
of this MOD.
-Several ships have changed crew compliments, changed number of officers
and various adjustments to special energy, shield recharge rates, and
max health.
-Klingon Birds of Prey have improved stats/health.
-Several species 8472 ships have improved stats/health/shield recharge.
-Overall Klingon faction is stronger than stock game. Improved stats.
-The game is relatively balanced, but further improvements will be made
in a future release.

You may reach me at:
AnthonyKinyon at (replace at with @)


System Requirements:
A computer 100% compatible with Star Trek: Armada 2
Star Trek: Armada 2's patch version 1.1 must be installed prior to installing
or using this MOD.

Installation instructions:
Copy all the files/folders/directories to your Armada 2 main folder.
Default/Example: C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II
and then start the game via normal methods. I suggest running with these
options: Instant Action, Unlimited Resources, Max Officers, Free Technology.

This software MOD may not be redistributed without permission of the author.
To request permission, contact the author at the e-mail address listed above.
I have granted permission to FileFront ( to redistribute
this MOD freely via their website.

No technical support is provided for this software/MOD. I am not responsible
if this causes, creates, or otherwise influences problems on your computer, hard
drive, or with your other applications or your operating system. There is no
warranty/guarantee, etc. of any kind provided with or for this product. I make
no promises, implied or otherwise, that this software will work at all, or that it
won't interefere with other MODs to the game, or other software/hardware, etc. on
your computer system. Use of the MOD/software indicates your acceptance of this
disclaimer in its entirety. You also agree by using this software/MOD to hold
the author of the MOD software completely harmless and unresponsible should
anything happen to cause any type of problems whatsoever. I have tested and used the
MOD/software successfully without a single problem during my own use and testing,
but that is no promise that you won't have problems with it. I have not tested this
MOD/software with any other available MODs and cannot speak of compatibility. I
recommend that you don't use other MODs at the same time unless you accept that
consequences may occur and that the author of this MOD/software is not responsible
for anything that goes wrong.

Uninstall Star Trek: Armada 2 via Windows' Add-Remove Programs applet in the Control
Panel and reinstall fresh after manually erasing any left over files in your Armada 2
folder/directory. (Example: C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II). You
may then optionally reinstall the game fresh.

Version  1.0  Author  Anthony Kinyon  Website   
Downloads  372  Size  1.27 MB  Created  2006-07-02 



#1 Sam_Dolim 2006-07-02 16:23
I have to say, that is a lot of improvements that you said. If it had half of those improvements, it would explain the lack of custom models for ships. :thumbsup: and have a Drink for a job well dohe.
#2 willsk8forfood15 2006-07-02 18:39
A very good first mod indeed. Kudos Anthony.
#3 WerdBorg 2006-07-03 00:33
Since this is your first mod all I can say is that your mod is fairly good, though needs some custom designs like what Sam Dolim was on about

First mod :thumbsup:

Can't wait to see more
#4 AnthonyKinyon 2006-07-03 14:42
Thank you for the kind feedback. I am really happy to hear you are enjoying my MOD. Based on the positive feedback, I'll surely update this MOD in the future at some point and post an updated release to this site. Thank you again!
#5 bumting 2006-07-18 01:59
hi i like the mod it being ur first makes it that little bit better i just got a though what file do u edit so u can have the enterprise as ur starting ship?????? :o

#6 directorsloan 2009-04-27 15:14
sorry about this but how do you have a enterprise-e-a? nice mod btw

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