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Palafox73, 2003-02-14

nice, simple mod that allows construction ships to warp

This is my first mod so I hope you like it. I made this mod because I saw that the construction ships had a warp nacelle and no warp drive. So I added warp drive. Have fun!! Palafox73

This mod will give your Construction Ship warp drive

Place odf files in C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\ships

Files include:
fconst.odf Federation Construction Ship
bconst.odf Borg Assembler
cconst.odf Cardassian Construction Ship
kconst.odf Klingon Construction Ship
rconst.odf Romulan Construction Ship

If anyone has any questions on this mod, or wants to comment about it email me at:

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#11 Guest 2003-03-01 12:11
can it be used with the demo?
#12 Palafox73 2003-03-02 01:05
I don't see why not. The mod is just the ODF file which controls how the ship should act. I say give it a shot.
#13 Admiral1030 2003-04-24 11:16
is there a way to make cargo ships do it 2. Makes no sense, long distance trading with impulse. The miners wont even use a transwarp conduit to get home!
#14 STGamerNew2002 2003-04-24 13:07
Yeah, this could be good for the cargo ships - I agree! :-)
#15 Palafox73 2003-05-07 23:05
Everyone I have good news. I Just finish the mod that will give warp to the miners and the cargos, but it can't do auto warp. Well at least not yet. :devil: Untill then it will have to be done by clicking. I'm going to post it as "Construction ship warp 2.0"

I'll send it ASAP.
#16 8472_of_borg 2003-12-16 15:48
construction ships have warp necels so its about time they can warp. :thumbsup: Rock
#17 rocketracer94 2006-04-23 19:17
...How do I edit my ODF files so I can use this mod?
#18 Prometheus9594 2010-04-26 01:51
a mod that gives construction ships in all races that much needed ability to warp.

heehh well done Parafox73 ^^ 10/10 :-)
#19 Captain_Vampire 2011-11-03 10:01
Rock yeaaahhhh!!! the other day i was playing a skirmish against 6 borg factions in the "planets" map and tried to colonize and build a starbase nearby a planet on the other corner of the map... had to send a whole swarm of construction ships and 6 sovereigns as escort but only 2 construction ships and one sovereign survived :-(... (needless to say the colony ship was lost as well)... now with this mod i was able to send 2 construction ships on less time WITH NO ESCORT NEEDED!!! THANKS MAN!!!! :thumbsup:

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