construction ship attack construction ship attack

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staingar, 2009-07-02

This mod changes the conships for every stock race to include weapons. Staingar explains as follows:

The weapon is turret grade. I tested the fire power of the ships on various ships and starbases and have included some screenshots for you to view. My computer didn't exactly take the screenshots right but I included them in the file itself of some of my results. I tested with the federations ships. Simply put, it was pure ownage. The weapon is overpowered and this mod is intended to be more comical than anything. To view the screenshots simply open them into the paint program.

Which would explain why this mod is 3MB-- all the screenshots are in MSPaint format.

If you haven't already given your conships the ability to defend themselves, or even if you have, this is an often-repeated concept done a little better (with bigger booms) by staingar.


Simply unzip the mod and copy the odf files to the odf folder. This enables the ships to warp also. This is similar to the popular construction ship warp mod but is not the same thing. Thanks for the downloads. Enjoy the surprise of your enemies when the construction ship fires back for once.

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