Cloakble Federation Construction Ship Cloakble Federation Construction Ship

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lucas1988, 2002-10-13

Yet another of Luke's minor fixes Smile

A creative twist to the construction ship, this is definetly worth a download Smile

To Install the Federation Phase cloakable Construction Ship do the following

Extract the files into the folder that has got this zip file in

then go into that folder and copy everything in it and paste them
into your Star Trek Armada II directory

Then You will the Cloakable construction

if you are having any trouble with it please contact me at

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#1 The_Geek 2002-10-13 18:23
Now I don't have to worry about sending my construction ships into areas w/o escort. You only need escort once you need to build.
#2 Luminaaire 2005-10-11 21:11
This vessel uses the Romulan phase cloak - which you need to research at the appropriate Romulan station. A bit difficult for a Federation player.

This isn't functional as-is, and I lack the knowledge to repair it.

Although to be fair, it does work fine as a normal construction ship.

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