battlebase battlebase

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mash1971, 2008-10-20

Overpowered .ODF mod of the stock Federation command base. Ridiculously overpowered.

Download this if you're interested.


federation battle base

classified experimental super starbase

designation : starbase 51

special weapons

shield enhancer

corbomite refractor

chain reaction pulsar

temporal stop

standard weapons

battle phasers,pulse phasers and torpedoes


builds akira class and defiant class starships

construction and repair ships


put sod file in sod folder

put tga file in textures/rgb folder

put odf file in odf/stations folder

put bmp file in bitmaps/asmirals log/ships

open file in sprites folder

under federation build buttons

add line

b_battlebase gbbattlebase 0 0 64 64

under federation wireframes

find line fbasehqw5

under this add lines

battlebasew1 fedwireframe06 0 192 48 48
battlebasew2 fedwireframe06 48 192 48 48
battlebasew3 fedwireframe06 96 192 48 48
battlebasew4 fedwireframe06 144 192 48 48
battlebasew5 fedwireframe06 192 192 48 48

save file

open tech1 file in techtree folder

under federation stations

add line

battlebase.odf 0

save file

open full tech file

add line

battlebase.odf 0

save file

open fconst file in odf/ships folder

add under construction parameters

builditem** = "battlebase"

save file

thats it


this is a modified version of the standard starbase hq

i just modified the original sod file

and added new odf file and build button texture

so credit goes to the fbasehq designer

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Downloads  264  Size  585.20 KB  Created  2008-10-20 



#1 rikkardnovacat 2008-10-29 23:15
looks squashed
#2 Temporal 2008-11-06 05:39
That picture isn't stock.
#3 mash1971 2008-11-21 16:17
its slightly enlarged and squashed but otherwise is the same as the fbasehq,mine has engines but for some reason it likes to wander off and wreaks havoc.

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