Automated Repair Ship Automated Repair Ship

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2004-09-07

This is a mini-mini-mod that changes the repair ship to have weapons and removes the crew. This is the author's first mod, and this is a good starting point, but in the future, I would suggest to adding a few more ships (like a mini mod) to give more features, incresing the chance that the average webgoer will download it.

This is my Automated Repair and Recovery Ship
it has a forward Disrutor tractor beam and repair beam and no crew so it can recover tat ship stuck in a Raidioactive nebula

this is my first ship i have made/modified so be kind in your critisism!

to install this ship
copy and paste it into the odf/ships folder in you Armada 2 directory it should work automatically and replace the repair ship.

Credits- i modified the repair ship thats all

-Anomalus Bloke

Version  1.0  Author  Unknown / Anonymous  Website   
Downloads  682  Size  1.83 KB  Created  2004-09-07 



#1 steel2 2004-09-07 13:58
good job, keep it up :thumbsup:
#2 Adrimal_Jeebus 2004-09-12 05:15
Good Job :thumbsup:

It will be useful when it is added to the collective

:borg: :borg:
#3 AdmiralSmith 2005-03-02 08:05
Awesome GREAT Work :-) ! Rock
#4 thomasjbryant13 2005-03-24 18:20
Always thought about a ship of some sort to get my scraps out of the nebulae... good thinking!

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