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Firestorm603, 2008-07-20

Simple .ODF mod from Firestorm603 offers no new model, but a sufficiently beefed-up Federation mining freighter capable of disabling enemy weapons as well as improved shields and overall strength. Not a bad idea, considering it doesn't exactly arm the freighter with offensive weapons but does give them the opportunity to mine and live another day. Worth a shot if you don't know how to do this yourself.


Federation Mining Freighter - Refit.

During the last Borg invasion, terribly high numbers of mining freighters were destroyed, meaning large quantities of resources
were spent building more of these ships, which were most probably destined to be destroyed themselves.
Finally, Starfleet decided to issue a refit to these freighters. These new freighters would be armed, and capable of defending
itself and the resources it's mining if the need would arise, and the Federation armed freighter was born.
Some stolen Romulan technology taken of derelict ships provided the Federation with the mytronic inhibitor.
Now the freighter can disable the weapons of heavy ships giving it time to retreat to safety.

(Note: This ship has no visable changes, it is an ODF edit, I have changed how it performs only)

1. Make a copy of the "ffreight" file, if all goes to hell, just replace it with your copy

2. Replace the "ffreight" file in the ODF directory with my one.

Done. If you need to contact me for any reason, e-mail me at

Have fun defending your moons.

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#1 adm_tyler 2008-07-20 17:02
It's files like this one that prove the simple MODs can be just as useful as newer, stronger Warships.

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