Aegean-Class Refit MkII Aegean-Class Refit MkII

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captkirk222, 2010-06-04

I have revised my earlier mod because even with a little help I could not get her to act as a repair ship (long story short- it started attacking the ship it was trying to repair). I have decided to substitute the Nebula-Class repair team weapon so that this ship may repair the other ships in the fleet. I created this mod with the idea to create a better frigate, I believe that I have succeded. As a side note a frigate(for those who don't know naval terminolgy is a support ship designed,in this case, to provide some form of protection or covering fire for friendly ships. Note-You do not need the previous version of this to make this one work.

Aegean-Class Refit MkII

This just a minor Cleaning up of the stock textures and a slight modification of the .odf file to allow it to be able to repair ships and also makes it a tad bit stronger so that it may better support your fleet.
I have also fixed the slight spelling error in the .odf.


This should be a drop in mod. Back up the files and textures then delete the existing textures in the Textures/RGB folder. Then simply unzip the textures into Textures/RGB and the .odf to ODF/Ships. this should install it. Thank you for downloading.

Legal info
This is not made or supported by MadDoc, Activision, or their affiliates.
Use this at your own risk! I am not responsible for any damage to your install or system. I will allow anyone who wishes so to alter this or use it in your own mod, Just make sure that you give credit for others' work!
Good luck!

Credit stuff
The credit for the original textures and .odf goes to the original developers of the game.

Version  1.1  Author  captkirk222  Website   
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#1 Limon36 2010-06-05 10:59
no more Feds textures more people want Terran textures!
#2 captkirk222 2010-06-05 16:38
I'm just starting out and this is mostly meant to be an .odf mod. I may try some more advanced texture work as I gain experience.
#3 Prometheus9594 2010-07-20 00:09
give captkirk222 a break k this is his first time at modding so yea give him a chance n mabey more advanced stuff might come from him as his experience grows

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