Advanced Federation Construction Ship Advanced Federation Construction Ship

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Andyx100, 2007-09-12

Here is a small mod from a brand new modder - Andyx100. This is best categorized as an upgrade for the Federation Construction ship as it contains some interesting upgrades and additions. These include a new stronger phaser specifically assigned to the Construction ship, a better tractor beam, Corbomite Reflector enhancements (might need it on the front lines Wink) and a Romulan cloaking device (which would violate the treaty of Algeron I might add Smile)

For a first mod it shows good initiative but I would have liked to have seen a bit of work done to the textures to complement it's status as an "Advanced" version of a stock ship. If you like the sound of this mod and are in dire need of a Construction ship with some teeth to last it on the frontlines then I suggest getting this Thumbsup


Read me file

Editor: Andyx100

To start of with i need to tell you this is my first mod i have released
but i have many more and to be honest i am kinda new at modding.

What the new odf gives the federation constrction ship,

New Federation construction phaser.
Romulan cloak
Corbomite reflector
and a new tractor beam upgrade.

Other upgrades
I have included a file which will give all construction ships low warp to be put in
the odf then other folder.

Installation instructions: Just put all files in the correct directory files located in
Program files/Activition/Startrek Armada 2 or similar.

If you want any information on future mods email me at:

This mod is in no way licenced by Activition or any related companies

My Disclaimer
This mod can be edited and redistributed.

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#1 Chiletrek 2007-09-12 16:20

Welcome to armada2files Andyx100. I hope you'll enjoy to be here.

As for your mod, I specially like the new tractor beam, I mean it is more powerful, and a modified version could be made for Assault ships, so they could really immobilize targets *hint* *hint* :D

The ship is very powerful and it has a real chance to build defensive structures on strategic areas of a map. Well done 10/10
#2 MJAY 2007-09-12 23:35
The klingon construction ship already had a lite disruptor beam weapon. Why not the Federation?

Good looking out Andy.

You've inspired me to touch my construction ship odfs.
#3 andyx100 2007-09-13 01:20
thanks you guys just to say i havent got the software to do anything with the textures so soz but i can make so intresting mods with odf and current sod files and trust me more will be put on.
#4 adm_tyler 2007-09-14 07:33
Do any of you know of any SOD Editing programs?
#5 Ramrod_the_Destroyer 2007-09-14 09:22
Wow - that's a cool tractor beam. Looks like a Borg version.....pretty nice.

And so is the rest of the mod.
#6 BenGriggs 2009-11-29 17:57
I want to add this as a separate construction ship. How would I do that? BTW do construction ships have a build-item limit? if so how much? I know shipyards can only build 13 ships

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