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Tom_720, 2008-11-01

Now's your chance to get a far upgraded Mothership for Species 8472. I always felt that 8472's Mother was overpowered before. Just the fact that it could move was more than enough for me to say that. In theory you could use Mother as a mighty offensive weapon for 8472 if there were enough of them to move as a formation. Terrifying thought, isn't it. Doesn't 8472 have enough offensive weaponry already!?

Tom_720's second .ODF mod makes it possible for yo fluidic space mamas to both go to warp and move far more quickly than before. A simple tweaking of the physics files turns the strong arm of the Ma from a starbase to a superdreadnought.

One thing I've always wondered about the Species 8472 design is why only the Mother is mobile. But you'd think the research cores should be mobile, too. I can see why the gates wouldn't be mobile since there's a fixed point in fluidic space involved. I mean, technically speaking, those structures all come from embryos. So why can't those other structures move when they're made of the same embryo 8472s as are used to evolve into being a mother? (And if they evolve before they're supposed to, does that make them teen Mothers?) Lol


This mod will allow the Species 8472 Mothership to travel faster at impulse and goto warp.

Extract the files to the following destination....(Dont forget to backup the old files)

8472_mothership goes in odf-ships
sconstphyss goes in odf-other

Hope you like it.

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#1 ameba 2008-11-01 08:53
how many times did we have this mod and the "other" warp mod with construction ships ect before. it would be nice even by new modders to have a look in the archive before. I know I have a harsh postiion on odf-mods - but it xould be at least something that hasnt been done too often before . that not against your work, tom, but some more guidance by the team would be highly apreciated.
#2 thunderfoot006 2008-11-01 09:15
Well, everyone has to start somewhere, ameba. Just how many Defiant mods are currently available? How many Connies? How many Sovys? Not everyone trawls thru the files bins like you and I do to see what has already been done I like this. Shows promise. Nice to see someone else thinking like I do. Nevermind that it has been done before. Tom_720, welcome to the team. I am looking forward to more stuff from you.
#3 ameba 2008-11-01 14:10
as I said mate, this is not against tom - I welcome everyone starting to mod. but some slight guidance by the team would be most welcome.

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