8472 Mother Dreadnaught 8472 Mother Dreadnaught

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Admiral_Dollison, 2006-11-01

This is a supremely unbalanced ODF mod for species 8472. It creates a Dreadnought with the impulse speed of a scout, weapons exceeding the normal mother and shields twice as powerful as the mother. Oh, and I almost forgot its got a tachyon grid built in as well as being capable of creating embryos.

This could seriously upset game balance if an equivalent is not installed for other races.

Readme for 8472 Mother Dreadnaught

This is the 8472 Mother Dreadnaught. Basically this is what it is.

1. 8274 Mothership (including embryo creation)
2. punishing array of bio-beam weapons
3. Shield strength of a tactical fusion cube
4. Warp capable
5. impulse speed of an 8472 scout
6. Tachyon Detection grid (detect cloak)

Installation instructions.

copy odf file into odf>ships folder
copy SOD file into SOD folder

Add the line...

b_8472_mother_dreadnaught gb8472_mother_dreadnaught 0 0 64 64

...into gui_global.spr (in the Sprites folder)

Add the line...

8472_mother_dreadnaught.odf 0

...into tech1.tt and fulltech.tt (in techtree folder) and any other tech you want to add it

then just add it to the Fluidic Gate's build list (in 8472_FluidicGate.odf) and your all

This mod is purely for fun and anyone is welcome to use it in their own
mods if they so desire. Just give Admiral_Dollison credit somewhere in the readme.

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#1 bumting 2006-11-01 15:01
umm hate to break this too you but theres already a file called exactly same as this and strangly enough ur comments r identicle (bad spelling i know but who gives a ***** its only words)
#2 wraith_shadow 2006-11-01 18:50
Hate to break it to you #1 but words are what makes up anything in this world. So you need to know them, so it's more than just words.

Also, I really don't want to download this ship due to the fact that it could unbalance my game, sorry. Maybe if I can find a powerful ship for all the other races I might. Also, what about screenshots? Last time I checked it was a requirment, correct me if I am worng.
#3 Temporal 2006-11-02 01:04
I'm sure we all know what an 8472 mothership looks like. If you had looked bumting you'll see the files are different. This ship can create embryos where as the other ship can't. I'm not really into simple odf mods or unbalanced mods, so I'll give this one a miss.
#4 ameba 2006-11-02 08:10
it is an upgrade, for gods sake....
#5 Admiral_Dollison 2006-11-02 14:30
Well considering I made both 8472 Mother Dreadnaught Files then they would be the same now wouldn't they. :roll:

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