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Tom_360, 2006-04-06

"This is a Button for a Nova Class Starship.As i could not find one anywhere."
This button does actually prove, if no-one else will do it, do it yourself...and then it usually turns out great. This button, while simple, seems really cool. Very well done job.

This is a Button for a Nova Class Starship.As i could not find one anywhere.

Put the file into the Textures\RGB folder.

Put this line in the global.spr file in the Sprites directory.

b_fnova novabutton 0 0 64 64

The fnova should be replaced appropriatly with the name of the SOD not the name of the odf.

This is for armada 2.


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#1 Chiletrek 2006-04-06 18:22
It's a cool button for Michael Kelly's Nova Class. There is no button for that particular model, but there is a button for the other cool Nova Class model in this webpage.

I know many people will say that to make builbuttons is easy, but nobody makes them at all, so if you have no problem making them, I'll really be happy to see more buttons to many other ships and stations that have none. Keep on the good work!
#2 STGamerNew2002 2006-04-06 19:41
I usually make my own for I am abit 'specific' about what kind of buttons I want in my game, but this is just me.
#3 ameba 2006-04-07 08:10
STgamer... we will happily await your transmission of buildbuttons to this side. or was this not an offer?
#4 FahreS 2006-04-07 09:26
i tihnik too that creating buildbuttons isnt very hard, wireframes are much more work.

but i think for some people this dl is usefull.

what i dont like is, that the ship on the buildbutton is very bright.
#5 Joelteon7 2006-04-07 10:39
On the contrary, I think that makes it a bit more interesting, it'll help it stand out.
#6 Chiletrek 2006-04-07 16:04

I agree with STGamerNew2002, the best part of making our own buttons is that we can make them according to our own needs. I'm also agree with FahreS, because wireframes are more complicated and I can't make any.... yet (I'll learn somehow).

I have made some buildbuttons: for a K'Vort Bird of Prey (the one from Millenium Project, that ship has illumination so I use it as a heavy destroyer-cruiser in my game); othe button for the first Runabout model and other for Dragon Master's 8472_dreadnought (he said it was cool).

Buildbuttons and wireframes maybe are not as complicated as moddelling, but it is also an eesential part of the game, that's why I want to see more of your work Tom_360. Keep it up!
#7 ameba 2006-04-08 04:06
chiletrek, heres the same for you: dont just talk about what you did, show and submitt ....
#8 Chiletrek 2006-04-08 21:58
Hello Amoebia, I will post more mods when I get some time ( I've been busy studying ).

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