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defiantnxnx, 2006-07-03

This improves the Starfleet GUI logo in-game marginally by decreasing it's width and in effect making it narrower. Whilst the idea is in theory good and execution is decent, I doubt it is big enough to get noticed on its own. Download if you want.

Better Starfleet logos

This is a simple mod that replaces the stock starfleet logo that you see in the GUI and
replaces it with a better looking one. You are free to use this in your own mod if you like.


Put these two files: allraces.tga, shipinfo.tga into your Star Trek Armada II/textures/RGB folder
and let your computer overwrite the previous files. You may want to make a backup copy of these
just in case you don't like the new logo.

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Downloads  431  Size  22.99 KB  Created  2006-07-03 



#1 IKS_Yo_Mama 2006-07-03 17:44
At least the guy is trying to get his name out there... we've all got to start somewhere?
#2 willsk8forfood15 2006-07-03 22:49
Well, at least this is not the usual file type submitted. Perhaps we'll see more advanced mods from him such as new GUI's. Keep at it defiant.
#3 USS_Miranda 2008-02-23 08:38
I would like to use this in a that ok?



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