Nemesis Romulan Icons Nemesis Romulan Icons

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Tain_Enabran, 2007-07-15

The name of the file might be a little confusing, but it's a lot simpler than it sounds. Nemesis changed the Romulans in quite a few ways (friendlier, for a the Scimitar which was the anti-friendly and Reman for that matter) including the look of ships (Valdore/Norexan) and the logo associated with the empire. Gone was the blue and green hue of a bird's outstretched arms and in was a bird clutching two orbs (the twin planets of Romulus and Remus) in a cool-grey/silver. You might say then that these touches are quite small. In deed that would be right, but it's the small touches that make it better, right?

For a start, the button to select non-assigned craft which was a D'Deridex Warbird is now a Valdore/Norexan. The little icon that shows the amount of Centurions in the resource bar, the main race icon in the main part of the interface (the middle portion), Centurions in the craft and the large race icon in the map editor are now all changed to portray that of the grey bird. Nice, subtle touches that definitely make the Romulans a little more up-to-date. A shame it is then that these touches aren't on newer interfaces that on the whole may seem better than these little nicks, but regardless of that, this does add something a little special to the Romulans.


Now you can change your old Romulan icons by the new Romulan icons from 'Star Trek : NEMESIS'.


-> put this file in the correct folder:

Overlays--> Admiralslog


-> put the different files in the correct folders:

allrace--> RGB
allrace2--> RGB
shipinfo--> RGB
shipinfo1--> RGB
romUI2--> RGB
rguif01--> RGB (1st version) or rguif01a--> RGB (2nd version)

IMPORTANT!!! If you choose rguif01a rename it rguif01 (optional version)


-> put this file in the correct folder:

gui_rom--> Misc


-> put this file in the correct folder:

gui_romulan--> Sprites

IMPORTANT!!! Don't forget to make a complete back up of your old files if your game is modified yet!
If it is not the case see the folder : 'ancient icon'.


romUI2 original textures : from ARMADA II (Activision) modified by me ;)
allrace original textures : from ARMADA II (Activision) modified by me ;)
allrace2 original textures : from ARMADA II (Activision) modified by me ;)
shipinfo original textures : from ARMADA II (Activision) modified by me ;)
shipinfo1 original textures : from ARMADA II (Activision) modified by me ;)
rguif01 and rguif01a textures : me ;)
Nemesis Romulan symbol : internet picture (Star Trek : NEMESIS / Paramount)
screenshots : me ;)

screenshots ships samples :

-Valdores class : by The Geek
-science ship : by Major A Payne
-Dominion Ultimate patch 1.4

Contact :

Version    Author  Tain_Enabran  Website   
Downloads  451  Size  1.16 MB  Created  2007-07-15 



#1 Joelteon7 2007-07-15 19:46
Can the developer just confirm either way if their developer name is down correctly. I adapted the front part of the e-mail address as it seemed rather namey, but it can be easily changed. Ta.
#2 PatriarchZeratul 2007-07-15 21:46
dude this is gnarly!! i am downloading now,,, :P
#3 IKS_Yo_Mama 2007-07-18 05:06
not bad, I think it would be a great idea to design a new interface for Armada 2...possibly an LCARS... It would mean changing some image files and some scripting.. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to do so :P

cool mod

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