Main Menu (LCARS Edition) Main Menu (LCARS Edition)

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Medafusion, 2007-05-21

Now this is something to set your sights on. A brand new Main Menu, and with animation.

I don't know if this one is going to be used for Peaceful Generations (I doubt it) but regardless of that, anyone who is bored shitless with the standard menu, should get and download this. It looks nice, and has a wonderful change about it.

Something to downlaod, that much is for sure Wink

- Ash

//////////BASIC INFO\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Well I was lying in bed few days ago staring at the wall and talk'd to myself for about an hour
about different kinds of things and I decided that I would make a new main menu for the aniiversery, so yeah here it is....... happy anniversary!

Place all the files in your bitmaps/main folder in your armada 2 directory.

-Achllies class gotten from Near Distant Future mod of SFC 3
SHIP:Achilles Class by Major A Payne
TEXTURES:Major A Payne

-Nemesis Spacedock
Original "nemesis" style spacedock model and textures created by Iron Eagle Maverick (released through This low poly version scratch built by Major Payne. Textures from renderings of high poly version.

-Galaxy Class
Original Model Creation: Dolphoenix
Original Model Textures: Vorlon & Dolphoenix
Hardpointed: Tycoon
Edited Textures: Tycoon
Galaxy: Reduced Texture Sets (original 16, final 6)
Remapped Textures
Removed Ship Registrations
Additional Model Work: Howedar and ThomastheCat
Conversion: Tycoon
From ST: Starfleet Command III to ST: Armada II

-Relay Station
Original mesh and textures done by Mateen Greenway (released through This low poly version scratch built by Major Payne with textures created from the high poly version.

Button Animation done by Medafusion

Version    Author  Medafusion  Website   
Downloads  640  Size  3.98 MB  Created  2007-05-21 



#1 meda 2007-05-21 16:48
Nope this wont be used in the new main menu of my mod, when its done i hope i would have learned like sensor animation stuff like that) also i think in a few weeks i will be sending a lcars new bik animations not quite sure (like Logging on to Lcars Menu system)
#2 Major_A_Payne 2007-05-22 01:13
Wicked stuff Meda, and not something which is often made. 10/10
#3 orc5me 2007-05-25 09:30
I do not really like it because I am so used to LCARS on star trek voyager.
#4 timothyjmcneeley 2010-06-03 08:27
How do you change the text in the main screen, (the one in the screenshot). I'm asking because I'm playing on windows 7 and when I play between my brother and I, (The only ones who will have my version) I want to have it say: "Star Trek Armada VII. I tried to simply edit the mainbkgr bitmap using paint, but it didnt change it in game. If someone could send me one that would be great. I want this menu, the only thing I want to change is the text on the main screen from "2" to "VII" and I would really appreciate if it were in roman numerals. I would really really like it to say:

Star Trek Armada VII

A mod by: Admiral Timothy J. McNeeley, SCE, UFP.

Of course if I ever do upload it to A2Files, I will give all credit to where its due, but for the mean time, I'm only playing MP between my brother and me, and I know that would bring a huge smile to our faces. If anyone could help me out, I would be truly greatful. Thank you.
#5 timothyjmcneeley 2010-06-03 08:30
sorry for the double post but the first post didnt come out right. the star trek armada VII a mod by: admiral blah blah blah, is supposed to be centered in the center of the screen. ignoring the period marks ... it should look like:

....................................................Star Trek Armada VII............................................................

..........................A mod by: Admiral Timothy J. McNeeley, SCE, UFP................................

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