A1-style Starfleet GUI for A2 A1-style Starfleet GUI for A2

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2008-02-10

Kick it old-skool with this GUI from Tain_Enabran. Nice work.

I wasn't one of those who started with A1-- I jumped right into A2 and have never looked back! But even for my less nostalgic reviewing senses, this GUI is quality. Kind of a nice faux-wood and chrome finish. Like driving my car. Wink

Download this one today!



This is a new 'old' federation gui for armada 2 for people who are a bit nostalgic about the Armada game.
The textures are converted and modified from Armada stock fed_gui. Enjoy it!


-> put the different files in the correct folders:

uiFilterbuttons--> RGB
Fguif05--> RGB
gui_inf1_fed--> RGB
gui_inf21_fed--> RGB
gui_inf22_fed--> RGB
gui_inf23_fed--> RGB
gui_inf31_fed--> RGB
gui_inf32_fed--> RGB
gui_inf33_fed--> RGB
gui_cinf--> RGB
gui_mapf--> RGB
gui_resf--> RGB
gui_toolf--> RGB


-> put this file in the correct folder:

gui_fed--> Misc


-> put this file in the correct folder:

gui_federation--> Sprites

IMPORTANT!!! Don't forget to save the included back up files!


original textures : from ARMADA (Activision) modified by me ;)
Fguif05 textures : me ;)
gui_fed.CFG and gui_federation.SPR : modified by me ;) (based on tutorial)
screenshots : me ;)

screenshots ships samples :

-Niagara class : by Hardyous
-Centaur class : Borg Incursion 3 (Major A Payne)
-Intrepid class : by Pneumonic81
-Akira class : by SupaStarAsh
-McKinley shipyard : by Deemon
-Spacedock : by 9 of nine
-Dominion Ultimate patch 1.4

Contact : heavycruiser1701@yahoo.fr


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#1 delta_dids 2008-02-10 11:42
Ahh the memories. Looks like its of very quality. D/Ling now
#2 Majest 2008-02-10 14:09
That GUI brings back some old fun memories. :D
#3 colective010 2008-03-30 17:49
I don't know about the rest of you, but I still think that armada is much better. ^_^

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