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Media.png Cardassian Weapon sounds 1.0

(4 votes)

New sound files for the Cardassian weapons (plasma torpedoes and disruptors) taken from Bridge Commander, with slight modification.

 scimifan 2009-01-18   420.37 KB 564 Comments: 0

Media.png New 8472-Phaser Sound 1.0

(4 votes)

Nice sound file for your 8472 phasers to use. Technically they're not phasers since they're.... well.... bio-weapons.

 scimifan 2008-12-18   83.02 KB 512 Comments: 2

Media.png New Assaultphaser Sound

(4 votes)

This small archive lets you choose from 2 different sounds for scimifan's assault phasers, which can be found here.

 scimifan 2009-01-02   562.66 KB 427 Comments: 0

Media.png Premonition Sounds

(8 votes)

These are the Premonition Sounds from the original Armada for use in Armada II.

 Transmission 2004-08-01   310.66 KB 950 Comments: 3

Media.png Race specific Transporter revised

(1 vote)

This mod gives the Feds, Borg, Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians and the Dominion a race-specific ship-to-ship transporter sound.

 Midknight_Maniac 2009-09-20   1.86 MB 491 Comments: 1

Media.png Race Transporter Update 2.0

(0 votes)

Updated Sounds for Borg and Cardassian transporter clearer audio and no background noise.

 Midknight_Maniac 2011-07-01   1.69 MB 344 Comments: 2

Media.png Star Trek MIDI File Collection

(11 votes)

Well, since file-posting is going slowly for technical reasons, i've had some spare time to put together this small collection of Star Trek MIDI files…

 FileTrekker 2004-02-22   217.92 KB 1,790 Comments: 9

Media.png Star Trek Sounds Of warp

(4 votes)

This file has little to do with Armada, but it is Star Trek related, and uses sounds for Armada, so we let it go.

 stompawampa 2003-09-22   795.16 KB 1,267 Comments: 5