Deep Space 9 (Map) Deep Space 9 (Map)

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oberlerchner123, 2008-11-23

This one's just not going to work, I'm afraid. As much as I'd love to see a map that worked on this ground, I'm sad to say that this isn't the map that's going to do it. The reason is that when you try to launch this map, I am all but absolutely certain that it will cause your game to crash to desktop.

How, you may ask, can I be so certain? The screencaps tell the story. There are several map units specified (notably Deep Space Nine and the K7 space station, no doubt among others) which will not be found in a stock build of A2. And that's really the only weak point of this map. The design itself looks pretty nice, but the unfortunate oversight of a brief list of required content in order to get this map to work has made it unlikely to work unless you happen to have the same basic configuration as the map author's personal build. However, it'll be nice to see a new version of this one, when it's available, or when a list of required units makes its way to our attention.

UPDATE from the author of this map:

The reviewer said it doesn't work because it uses custom models and makes you crash, but it doesn't.
It worked for 3 testers, and in 5 MP games so far.

So there you have it. Download this one and see for yourself.


Deep Space 9 (Map)
by Christian Oberlerchner 19.11.2008


Copy the folder "bzn" into your "Star Trek Armada II"

Delete the files:
Star Trek Armada II/bzn/ocds9.bzn
Star Trek Armada II/bzn/ocds9.txt
Star Trek Armada II/bzn/ocds9.bmp
You may use this files as long as you give credit.

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#1 Firestorm603 2008-11-24 06:32
Dude, you have to think of the general A2 user. I have been tempted to release a map pack for A2Files, but realised that Midnight Universe 2.0 is needed if you want to use them. Not every computer can run MU, so I am not going to release them. Though I like the idea, maybe a second map (that is stock) could be released? Your creativity is undeniable, just your method that is.
#2 oberlerchner123 2008-11-24 07:48
To the guy who wrote the review: You should try a file before you make a review. :roll:

I know that A2 only downloads the map files (bzn,bmp,txt) and not any models that may be in the map, and i am not stupid and just replaced DS9 with the stock Cardie Starbase and K7 with the Federation Trading Station (which is the same model btw) so ppl can just download it ingame.


I had 3 guys testing this map and it worked fine for all of them!

and thx for the 1/10 8) :roll:
#3 adm_tyler 2008-11-24 11:45
K7 and the Fed Trading Station the same model?

Do you mean you used the Trade Station for K7 in the map from the start or that K7 is the same type of Station as the stock one?
#4 oberlerchner123 2008-11-24 13:15
I ment I used the stock Federation Trading Station as K7 and it looks quite similar so it would be pointless to replace it and make it MP download incompatible.

And i even used the stock Cardassian Starbase for DS9 to make sure it works.

The review makes no sense to me, i used only stock models and in the screenshot you see the stock Cardassian Starbase as DS9. And I don't believe it worked for 3 testers (with Armada 2 and patch, nothing else) and nobody else. :o

Does the map work for you?
#5 kieron5678 2008-11-25 05:17

es funktioniert gut. keine böse Bemerkungen zu dieser Karte!


it works just fine. no nasty comments about this map!
#6 oberlerchner123 2008-11-25 08:23
@Admin: I had it tested by another guy and played it on a full server and it worked fine, so either you didnt even try it or your A2 install is bugged.
Please fix your A2 install and the description.

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