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staingar, 2009-05-16

First mod from Staingar, and it sounds a little too complicated--

This is my first map and I hope everyone likes it. It's a 50,000 by 50,000 map. The design itself is simple. There is an area in the middle of the map containing planets and resources. The only way to the main back of the map where 2 modified stations lay are through the borg transwarp portals on the map. If they're destroied the only way back there is through a transwarp gate weapon. The transwarp portal leads to the first blocked off area of the map in which there are some planets such as earth and a starfleet command hq and 5 disfunctional turrets.

To enter the final blocked off area simply use the wormhole in the mutara nebula. There are 2 quantom stations to guard the wormhole since most people have multiple bases. The modified stations are a temporal station and a transwarp gate which have their special weapon energies doubled. There are 4 derelict ships in the last area of the map which are, Enterprise E, Borg Queen's Diamond, Kentar's Keldon, and USS Incursion. All the stations and ships are capturable.

Most noticable planets on the map are Earth, Corneria, Tatooine, Ryloth (I think that one is on there) among others. Only known bug is sometimes the modified stations don't want to use their weapons. Other than that the map is fine.

Wasn't sure how to upload a screenshot or I would have. I've included a bonus RTS file that ups the officer limit to 3999 and makes transporter group 10 to a single transport. To balance it out I upped the time to 1.5 seconds between transports. This is my first map so I hope you all enjoy.

Nice to see a first map from a new modder, especially one as ambitious as this. Take a look.


Simply unzip the contents and copy the files in the folder named bzn to the bzn folder in your game directory.

For the RTS file copy it directly to your primary folder for Armada II where the original RTS file is. It will ask if you want to overwrite the RTS file already there and tell it yes. The read me included gives some back ground info on the map and permissions. You are free to what you will with the map after you download it as long as you give me credit as the original author of the map.

If there are any problems with the map and/or the RTS file feel free to leave me an email at captainbladej52@hotmail.com

Just include in the subject why you're emailing me so I can respond faster. I'll attempt to correct any and all problems you may have.

This material is not made or supported by Activision.

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#1 staingar 2009-05-16 19:49
sorry to make it complicated sounding I just didn't really know what all to put for the description. I have another map in the works already. If you like the idea behind this you should like the concept of my next map. As a small warning to those that download the map, I learned the hard way I set the 5 turrets to yellow alert. Do NOT shoot them if you don't want shot at. lol Wasn't sure how to add a screenshot for you all or you could've seen it.

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