7_8472cent 7_8472cent

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Captain_H, 2003-01-17

The map has 8472 ships and stations in the center with a Class J Planet and four blackholes.To get to the other players, you must first go through the middle.Or you can use the transwarp gate if you are playing the Borg. Their is one section of the map with the only three Class M planets and four infinite dilithium moons.

Developer: Captain_H
Email: bwkilgore@plateautel.net
File Info: Next map, 7 players

Thanks for downloading my newest armada II map, I had always wanted to make my own
maps so this is next in what I hope will be a long line of them.

To install, just unzip and put into the bzn folder.

Please send any comments to the email address above.

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#1 Nebula_Class 2003-01-17 18:42
Sorry about the title!The maps name is not Captain_H!Its my first time posting a file,so I dont completely understand everything yet. :sad:
#2 captain_henk 2003-01-18 06:12
Mr. Captain_H,

I've been using the nickname Captain Henk for some time now. Yours looks alot like it. I hereby kindly ask you to alter it. It would prevend alot of confusion. Don't feel atacked by this comment though. Because if you don't want to change it, fine. Do whatever you want, but changing it would be very kind of you. Thank you

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