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Joelteon7, 2005-01-26

This is a...very 'full' 4 Player map, I suggest you add it to your game, you can never have too many maps and you certainly dont want to miss this one! also it says in the readme its a start of a collection, I cant wait to see the rest.

Nebula 1 readme

Mod Type: Map (4 players)

By: Joelteon7 (starting position help from sherman2)

Errr, what to say. This is the start of the Nebulae collection, starting with Nebula 1.

Each player starts off in a section in the middle of the map with plenty of resources and space (even for the borg!). A wormhole links to the very outer corners of the map...and I bet you can work out the rest...

The main point of this particular map is to focus on ship to ship instead of fleet to fleet combat, especially with additional resuorces outside, it should make for an interesting bout.

Installation instructions: Simply insert these into your bzn folder then play, select map nebula and you're good to go!

Bugs & problems: For the size of the map i chose 20000 x 20000, which is larger than the standard 8 player map warzone (12000 x 12000), due to this size increment, slower machines may have trouble running it. That being said, I've got 800mhz processor 9yes, I know its crap) and when it does lagg, it lagg's for about a second...

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#1 Joelteon7 2005-01-27 00:16
Go on then, tell me what ya think?
#2 the_predator 2005-01-27 12:32
its a nice map could use some derlict ships but its good
#3 Joelteon7 2005-01-28 01:26
I'll add that, thanks for your input :-)

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