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johndavid240, 2003-08-05

As the readme says it's "HUGE". by the time the enemy gets to your base thay will have been died. J/k ing
But really this is a type of map i'd love to use for an large war maybe a good 250 ships or more for me.

very good map for a large battle.

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file name: void.bzn
created by: johndavid240
size (apx): 50000X50000 [I FORGOT THE EXACT SIZE]
players: 4
ai dirlects: 0

brief description:
this map was designed to be HUGE. it will take a while to get to the enemy to attack (good luck). there are 8 M class planets and 8 J class planets.

to install:
unzip file and put
in the bzn file

rough map layout:
S-starting location
M-M class planet
J-J class planet
*-center of map/'directional light'
there are dilithium moons and latinum nebuli, but they are near the starting location
|S M J J S|
|J M|
| |
| M M |
| |
| |
|J * J|
| |
| |
| M M |
| |
|M J|
|S J J M S|

i designed this map for building an enormas fleet to engage the can take a while to kill all enemy vessles (unless you have /a lot/ of ships on search and destroy)

you can't really select your starting location (few of my maps actually work to let you select starting location/view map, but if its on here it can be played) and when you start, you usually (maybe always) start in the upper-left corner. i think the starting locations move around clockwise from there (whatever order i placed them).

questions, comments, or ideas:
email me at and (please) type armada2 map questions/comments/ideas

this is the second map i have proposed for the armada2files staff. all maps in the johndavid240 collection (what i have submitted) are prize and void.

Version    Author  johndavid240  Website   
Downloads  386  Size  5.80 KB  Created  2003-08-05 



#1 Trunks999 2003-08-05 03:17
The map in the read me will not show up right on the site for some reason.
#2 weldon 2003-08-05 04:29

This link will Help you Make all you Maps Work it's in Adobe REader Format and is small sized.,but will help you get all map to work properly. Other than that Good map
#3 johndavid240 2003-08-06 04:35
nice to know i'm getting good reviews on the first map anyone other than me gets to see.

i plan on working on more maps (my biggest problem is the pathing), so if they make it through the staff, they must be good (i don't submit all maps i design - some have bugs or other small problems i need to work out)
#4 borgfreak282 2003-08-06 08:19
Can anybody help me and tell me why when I put this in my BZN folder...t doesn't show up in the game?
#5 johndavid240 2003-10-01 05:05
it would be nice if this map could join my 'collection' of maps instead of being listed 'Unknown / Anonymous'

if possible, can someone change user to John Gray

can other people pls tell me some suggestions for more maps i can make/submit. i'm running out of ideas
#6 STGamerNew2002 2003-10-01 08:20
I don't know - it's just me liking some space phenomenons(sp ?) happenings like Moons/Planets, Nebulas. I'm trying to learn to make maps myself.
#7 johndavid240 2003-10-01 11:20
#6 check out the map on the home page labeled nebula (and the other files by maps) - let me know how i can make better maps (and ur opinion on those i have made -- i need fedback)

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