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malte91, 2007-03-26

This looks very much like one of the stock maps in-game, having a quick look at the bmp file provided, though from the ReadMe, it seems to have been changed a little. So, it is an edited stock map. Sorry, no screenshots here, none were included.

- Ash

Copy the 3 Malte´s Map.bzn/txt/bmp into armada2/bzn

This card is in the fludic-room and it´s for 4 Player.

There are 3 AI´s:

1. The federation and the borg (both the same AI)
-they have bases and many ships and a transwarp portal to the alpha quadrant with it they became more ships because they waited on the other side of the portal they have shipyard and research stations and many ships.

2. Species 8472
-they have many ships, too. but they haven´t a extra area like the AI1.

3. Empty ships and stations
-that are borg and federation ships in the radiakiv nebula without crew.

On the map are fludic gates inbstead of wormholes. they work the same way.
At the fludic gates from the players are 4 starfleet comandos without crew.

The map has a green light.

you play this map best if you play with 9999 or more officers.

to have 9999 officers copie the RTS_CFG.h into armada2 and overwrite the old.


this card has been created by Malte Erve

If you have questions send a email to

if you use this card it´s on your own danger.

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#1 malte91 2007-03-27 06:40
i forgot the screenshot if someone want a screenshot email to
#2 malte91 2007-03-28 05:41
my email is
#3 Chiletrek 2007-05-03 21:32

I just downloaded the map, it looks great!. Very difficult, but I bet this map was made for quite some fun. :D

Keep it up!

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