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Omega_Mod_God, 2009-10-22

This is your simple 4 player map that takes strategy to a slightly higher level. In this map you'll find handfuls of turrets guarding strategic points of the map as well as various non-player ships.

Please note this map will ONLY work with the Fleet Operations mod.


Dimensions: 40000 * 40000

Tip: Get your expansions quickly... because everyone has 3 moon pairs in their little area making it a big rise first hand.

Players: 4
Non-Players: 1

Additional Info: This is one of my best maps yet, if you were to access this in the editor you&apos;ll notice that there is paths layed out specifically telling ships not to run through the nebulas. So that is eliminated. It is a very strategic map, there is phaser turrets guarding the moon pair closest to the other end of the wormhole, and there are torp turrets guarding the pairs between the nebula walls.
Also you may find that the wormhole leading to the other half of the map is heavily guarded. This gives you some time to build up (unless everyone is cloaking their fleets). This map has been tested in IA and came very well done, so far no bugs were found. If there are any you know who to contact.

[]This is not made by or supported by activision, maddoc, or those other guys. So they aren&apos;t responsible for it.

Version  for FleetOps ONLY  Author  Omega_Mod_God  Website   
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