Bridge Over Troubled Water 3 Bridge Over Troubled Water 3

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Derek Tanner, 2002-11-06

In this version I have gone all out, you have: inf. moons, black holes, easily accessed planets,
and a bunch of other little suprises. But here is the best part, you have to fight off the borg
who already have a hold on the system at the same time you are trying to win this game. And, if
you capture their base... more fun for you. Oh one more thing, somewhere in this map is a field
of deralect consruction ships for each race (except for species 8472, I would like to see
someone come up with a mode to allow you to capture their ships.)

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#1 book 2002-12-02 18:10
I know a way to do it use a borg diamonds compute over ride on a mother and build a inactive embreo (or whatever the blue one is and get it out of there and you can build 8472 ships
#2 jungus 2002-12-05 10:31
You could add an inactive embreo to your build tree, set its bio cost to 0 and the same for the mother and the collector. In fact I think I will try this.

Off the subject I never could get the max officers to = 9999 so instaed I set the fed base officer cost to = -10 and now I can build extra ships as long as I still have room somewhere to build bases.
#3 book 2003-01-21 12:12
but thats cheating

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