Borg Transwarp Hub Borg Transwarp Hub

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Jeri Hansen, 2002-09-13

A usual asreriod-filled map with Transwarp Portals connecting each area.

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#1 JeriHansen 2002-09-15 06:49
what do you thank too the 47 borg cubes in you way and it it the best for now .
#2 JeriHansen 2002-09-18 01:52
still doing well with 22
#3 JeriHansen 2002-09-20 02:12
sine this is doing well i have made a maps called

BorgNebula and BorgNebula2 not more before there two apart from the tfcubes. BorgNebula has 47 Borg TCubes and two TFCubes and posted it today so it shound be here stuarday i hope.
#4 JeriHansen 2002-09-20 23:13
i ghust it have don'T threre i send it agin

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