Borg nebula Borg nebula

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Jeri Hansen, 2002-09-21

No captain why do we have to go back to that deadly place.

Aaah just got killed again by the borg, darn.

Carefull on this map. Your base is protected by asteroids and has one way in and thats through a worm Hole if you can find the right one that is.

Also bigger bases and more borg.

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#1 JeriHansen 2002-09-22 09:40
47 TCubes in this one but there another 3 more Borg Nubulas on the way 30 borg TFCubes and this this frist one. Comeing soon to armada2 files near you
#2 JeriHansen 2002-09-26 00:25
what did i do to get you Guest ( furious

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