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Map.png Passage

(2 votes)

This is a standard 2 player map. In order to defeat the enemy you must get to him.

 pejakm 2005-09-26   112.87 KB 497 Comments: 2

Map.png Romulan Neutral Zone

(1 vote)

After watching an episode of The Next Generation, I came up with the idea to do the Romualn Neutral Zone. And so we have it.

 ISS_Enterprise_D 2009-06-27   85.63 KB 601 Comments: 1

Map.png Romulans vs Federation by Fahres

(7 votes)

This is a two player map, that as the name suggests pits the federation against the Romulans.

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2007-04-16   819.13 KB 445 Comments: 15

Map.png ST: Avatar Preview

(3 votes)

This is a great map, and it looks like Commander David Clarke is off to a good start with his avatar mod!! Download no seriously, download it now

 Commander David Clarke 2002-10-28   702.39 KB 903 Comments: 8

Map.png System

(0 votes)

This map has two ring astroid fields (use your imagination to connect the outer field), and several astriod 'mazes' (use your imagination to fill in t…

 johndavid240 2003-10-14   30.93 KB 535 Comments: 0

Map.png T.J.P Hall Way Hell

(0 votes)

This is a cool two player map by Trevor J Plikington.

 Trevor J Plikington 2004-08-01   180.12 KB 597 Comments: 0

Map.png Terran Empire Comes To FleetOps!! For FleetOps ONLY

(1 vote)

I haven't uploaded anything in a while, so I decided to put up a map that I had made orignally for personal use.

 ISS_Enterprise_D 2009-08-08   134.63 KB 577 Comments: 5

Map.png Terran Empire Map

(1 vote)

So, this is a 2 Player Map by TJP that has the Terran Empire logo in the center of it.

 Trevor J Plikington 2005-10-22   1.44 MB 631 Comments: 2

Map.png Testmap 1.1

(3 votes)

A 2 player map by Kardon. Looks like there's also some enemy ships that start out on the map, so watch out.

 Kardon 2003-09-02   30.34 KB 482 Comments: 1

Map.png ThatguyinPC's 1vs1

(1 vote)

Arguably the best Non-Clanner/1vs1er in A2 today has finally made his own map.

 ThatguyinPC 2003-01-20   12.62 KB 529 Comments: 0