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Vulcan Master, 2002-07-14

This mod makes the wormhole at dormantcy smaller then a photon torpedo and when being used is about the size of 4 starbases.

Thank you for downloading my mod, What this does is it makes the wormhole more realistick in size.
When it's close it can berely be seen (use the mini map) When it opens it is much biger then originaly.

To install my mod just unzip all file exept readme to your armada directory in odf\other

Vulcan Master chartrand_eric@hotmail.com

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#1 MrPsycho 2002-08-11 08:48
Who uploaded this file? Your rating doesn't make sense.

You gave "Size vs. Usefulness": 6

The file is only 1.04k! There was a lot of wasted space in that. :roll:

And you gave "Installation Instructions": 8 ! It only says "unzip to odfother".

With that aside I want to say that this is a good mod!
#2 Mr. Greg 2002-08-11 08:53
I'll fix Delta's ratings...

#3 Trevelbond 2002-08-14 10:52
IT gave me a 404 file not found
#4 Yamato 2002-08-16 11:29
but it get annoyin wen sendin many ships through

it gets 2 hard but gud work Rock
#5 Trevelbond 2002-08-17 19:16
Still File not found

:thumbsdown: :mad: :thumbsdown:
#6 Omega1989 2002-08-31 11:45
I downloaded a patch that did the same thing for Armada 1 and that was cool! This one sounds better, must download!!!

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