Dilithium Nebula Dilithium Nebula

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ArcherScott, 2005-12-18

This mod adds a Dilithium Nebula to Armada II. Each nebula has 40,000 units of dilithium, and so they would be preferable over the traditional Dilithium Moon that is in the game. See the readme for more details on this cool mod.

Resources tight? Running out of dilithium? Has your opponent got all the goodies on the map leaving you with a moon soon to
be expired?

Or need to ambush your enemy? Then put the nebula nearby and watch the frieghters come, attack and the enemy should send
reinforcements! There is much strategic value to where you place it and your own fleet.

Section 31 are the builders using thier planet and nebula building technology. They have cooked up a dilithium nebula packed
with 40,000 units of dilithium. (AI should favour this over standard moons)

If it is the nearest resource then frieghters will automatically go there otherwise direct them. To balance the game this
nebula can be targetted and destroyed - so guard it!

So get some extra fuel to build up your fleet or set a honey trap! The nebula will glow blue inside which will fade as the
dilithium is mined. (Freighters should automatically go to the next available resource once the nebula is depleted.
Then you can decommission it (recycles in place) and rebuild elsewhere.

To install:

odf to odf/stations folder
sod to SOD
tgas to Textures/RGB
bitmap pic to bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/Ship Images

Decide which construction ship will build it and add:

buildItemXX = "fdith"
XX = next number in sequence.

Now save and close, find techtree file, open tech 1 and add under last Fed station:

fdith.odf 1 fresear.odf // dilithium nebula

Save and close and find fulltech.tt and add under last Fed ship:

fdith.odf 0

Save and close and find the Sprite file, locate gui_global and add under last Fed ship:

b_fdith gbfdith 0 0 64 64 (align if needed)

and then scroll to wireframes and add under last Fed entry:

fdithw1 podwireframe02 0 48 48 48
fdithw2 podwireframe02 0 48 48 48
fdithw3 podwireframe02 0 48 48 48
fdithw4 podwireframe02 0 48 48 48
fdithw5 podwireframe02 0 48 48 48

Now you are ready to build the nebula!

The buildbutton is the Borg sphere (I do not know how to do buttons)

The wireframes will be that of one of the pods. The bitmap is one I took during the game.

NOTE: Even though the readout says empty it will be packed with dilithium, it's using the cargo ship as the key label
as that was the only way I could get the resource bar 2 show rather than the building bar.
("There is no present construction") If you put moons and planets as the key label,the button disappears from the building
list so it must use a station or ship as a label!

You can still tell how much is left in the nebula (see screenshots).


Full credits to Activision I have merely tweaked what is already there to mine dilithium from a nebula!

Any questions or problems please e-mail me at jake_dean5055@hotmail.com


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#1 Joelteon7 2005-12-18 14:15
Build your own nebula...extremely clever. I like it a lot. 40,000 I believe may be too large an amount, but the concept is there all the same. Well done.
#2 AdmarilRyan 2005-12-19 01:26
Two things are that bother me are the large amount of resources it provides and that the nebula looks very simular to the latinum one. (its yellow) Some Sprite work could make it blue and it would look pretty good I expect. Still the concept is good so 7/10
#3 Captain_Righteous 2005-12-19 13:14
wait how can dilithium be in a gaseous form? I always thought dilithium was something that was kinda like diamond and was formed from lots of pressure, not in the vaccuum of space...oh well nice idea though.
#4 archerscott 2005-12-19 14:26
The nebula will pulsate blue light like the moons but they also go to aqua then gold. They also are bigger than the latinum nebulas.

The large quantities are to attract the AI freighters in order to bait them. S31 used the 'Gaseous Airatus Sinkapator' missile to make the dilithium form in the nebula. ;-)

Glad you like the concept. It makes a change from moons and I like placing resources where I like :D

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