Dilithium Moon Mod Dilithium Moon Mod

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Twitch, 2002-06-07

This mod repplaces those old dilithium moons with one that looks more like moon

New Dilithium Moons

Tired of the blue and purple dilithium moons? Think they should look like real moons? This small mod does that giving slightly larger size and new surface textures. You\'ll see a light blue or purple glow behind them to tell them apart.

Files included:
Mdmoon.odf replaces original file in odf/other folder
Mdmoon_4.tga -These 5 replace originals in textures/rgb folder. No new .sod.

Back up your old files and replace these if you do not like them.

Twitch- simdoktor@aol.com

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#2 Nurak 2002-10-07 17:26
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