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Twitch, 2002-06-07

This files contains Death Stars for all races but 8472. Watch out TFC lol

Planetoid/Deathstar Pak

I got the idea from the old A1 Borg Deathstar mod. With all the small-scale ships in A2 I thought it was a good idea to make something large for each race. After making new planets I hit upon the planetoid idea and took it further. With different skins they become Deathstars.

This a more advanced mod in that some file editing is needed. To include the needed files is pointless since most folks have other stuff in these files that they\'ve modded already.

Each race except Species 8472 have one. The Borg Deathstar does not have 2 skins as the Borg don\'t care about looks. The sod and texture is from the Star Wars Imperial Deathstar. I set them up to be built by your 2nd shipyard though they dwarf them considerably when being built. The construction ships can\'t build them. The ships all use the Borg Sphere build button.

The ships have fairly good weapons but since I mostly mod Borg stuff that one is potent! Feel free to change and add weapons to the others to beef them up. Remember only standard weapons- ones without buttons to function- can be used. Since they are mobile shipyards stations can\'t have special weapons. Certainly there are enough add-ons out there to satisfy you, so go for it. The battleships have Borg battleship physics and can attack planets. Also they will not accept repair commands and will usually become uncontrollable going in circles. You must beam aboard more crew. If the AI take one over they have the same problem.

Here\'s what the 32 files are. All except the Borg weapons go like this:
Odf to odf/ships, sod to /sod, tga to textures/rgb

Federation- fptoid.odf, fptoid.sod, borgspf.tga (planetoid) f1.tga (deathstar)
Klingon- kplan.odf, kplan.sod, borgspk.tga (planetoid) k1.tga (deathstar)
Romulan- rptoid.odf, rptoid.sod, borgspr.tga (planetoid) r1.tga (deathstar)
Cardassian- cplan.odf, cplan.sod, borgspc.tga (planetoid) c1.tga (deathstar)
Borg- idstar.odf, idstar.sod, deathstar.tga,

Borg weapons-
b1pulse.odf and b1pulseo.odf go in the odf/weapons/pulse folder
bcstar.odf and bcstaro.odf go in the odf/special weapons folder
gultest.odf and ultest.odf go in the odf/special weapons folder
mltbor.odf and mltbor2.odf go in the odf/special weapons folder
bigartil.odf, bartild.odf, bartilo.odf go in odf/weapons/photons folder
wbrtshok.tga and wbartil.tga go in textures/rgb

To switch skins just move the .TGAs out of the folder and rename f1.tga to borgspf.tga and so on, same as the originals.

To make the build buttons work open gui_global.spr in the Sprites folder and edit with Notepad. At the end of the Fed ships in the @reference = 64 section add like this:
b_fspecial gbfspecial 0 0 64 64
b_fptoid gbbcruise1 0 0 64 64

For Klingon:
b_kbattle2 gbkbattle2 0 0 64 64
b_kplan gbbcruise1 0 0 64 64

For Cardassian:
b_cquantum gbcquantum 0 0 64 64
b_cplan gbbcruise1 0 0 64 64

For Romulan:
b_rdestroy gbrdestroy 0 0 64 64
b_rptoid gbbcruise1 0 0 64 64

For Borg:
b_bsuperbl gbbsuperbl 0 0 64 64
b_idstar gbbcruise1 0 0 64 64

To make your yard build them add at the end of the buildlist in EACH race\'s yard2 like this:
buildItem3 = \"fbattle\"
buildItem4 = \"fptoid\" or \"kplan\" or \"cplan\" or \"rptoid\" or \"idstar\"

Open you and any other .tt files like and so on and add the ships at the end of the races ships:
fspecial.odf 2 fyard2.odf fresear2.odf // special (nebula class)
fptoid.odf 1 fyard2.odf

ksuper.odf 1 ksuperbl.odf // super weapon (jach\'eng class)
kplan.odf 1 kyard2.odf

bbattle4.odf 1 bhub.odf // battleship (tactical fusion cube)
idstar.odf 1 byard2.odf

rsuper.odf 1 rsuperbl.odf // super (phoenix class)
rptoid.odf 1 ryard2.odf

csuper.odf 1 cardassian_super_station.odf // super (dreadnought missile)
cplan.odf 1 cyard2.odf

If you want the AI to build the ships you must edit the 5 .AIP files for EACH race like:
Federation_build_list.aip, Federation_defensive_list.aip, Federation_endgame_list.aip, Federation_instant_action_build_list.aip & Federation_offensive_list.aip.

\"fyard2\", 1,0, -1, 3, // advanced shipyard
\"fcruise1\", 2,0, -1, -3, // Akira
\"fcruise3\", 2,0, -1, -3, // Intrepid
\"fgalaxy\", 3,0, -1, -3, // Galaxy (Battleship)
\"fptoid\", 4,0, -1, 0, // Deathstar/Planetoid (Battleship)

Just make sure the ship is added below, meaning AFTER, the 2nd yard is built.

To add the weapon sprite for the Borg artillery open the weapon.spr file in sprites folder here:
# Photon artillery
spphoton spphoton 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4
wartord wartord 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4

# Neutronium artillery
bigartil WBartil 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4

# computer override
woveride wcompovr 0 0 64 64 @anim=tex2x2

Be sure to back up any files you edit 1st. Remove the above files to delete the mod.
Make any changes you want and use them in any way you want- I don\'t care about credit- just have fun!

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#1 Deus1 2002-09-01 10:10
whats a deathstar??? :o
#2 spider_man274 2002-09-01 13:05
a death star:by me

a death star is a star wars ship in the fourth movie i think.

the end
#3 The_Geek 2002-10-12 08:46
Simply put, a Death Star could fire its very large laser into a planet and completely destroy it.

It also has many weapon turrets to prevent attacks agaisnt itself.
#4 Guest 2002-12-15 19:17
When are these going to be downloadable. It just says they are corrupt.
#5 Guest 2003-11-25 19:11
Now this is what I'm talking about!!!
#6 steel2 2003-11-25 20:08
What in the name of Betazed is TFC? Team Fortress Classic, perhaps? WHAT!

#7 ef2_gamer 2003-11-26 14:46
it means Tactical Fusion Cube (borg)
#8 USS_Mouse 2006-01-27 15:02
Cool! can they blow up planets? :borg:
#9 Republic_soldier 2009-03-22 05:43
The Death Star was a moon-sized Imperial military battlestation armed with a planet-destroying superlaser. :P


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