4 high resolution planet textures 4 high resolution planet textures

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don_quijote, 2010-08-15

This is a pack of textures for planets. There are replacements for the Class M, D H & L planetoids, and as the title says they are high resolution. In this case, that means 1700x1700 size textures, of which there are two for each planet. That equates to 9.4MB of memory on your graphics card for each texture, meaning that displaying a single planet with this installed is going to take up 18.8MB of your graphics cards memory.

This is probably acceptable these days, and it probably won't kill your PC unless you have several planets onscreen at the same time as well as a small fleet of ships with high quality textures. These do look gorgeous, however personally I have to question the benefit of using a texture map larger than the maximum screen size of the stock game. Even if your running at 1600x1200 (which I don't beleive many people are) in tactical mode with the planet centered at point blank range you still wouldn't be seeing 100% detail. It's worth noting that the screenshots are 1024x768, which means that the planet is being viewed at under half it's possible resolution.

That's not a fault of the mod and this is defiantly worth downloading, but personally I would consider downsizing the textures by 50% before installing them. That would quarter the resources required on the graphics card, and I don't think any difference will be noticeable.

- Freyr

These are 4 planets I made for the original singleplayer campaign of Armada 2.

You can replace the original files or use these for what ever you want.

These are ultra high resolution textures.They will replace the original textures of class M, D, H, L planets in the game.

CLass M -Earth texture
Class D -Moon texture
Class H -Venus texture
Class L -Mars texture

The space backgrounds you can see on the screenshots are also made by me, but not finished to my entire satisfaction. And the the file size ist enormous.

Instal notes:

1. Just unzip the files in a new folder.
2. Every one of the 4 subfolders contains 2 textures in .tga.
3. You should make an backup of the orinial files in the Star Trek Armada II/textures/RGB folder.
4. Replace the original .tga textures in the Star Trek Armada II/textures/RGB folder with these ones. Press Yes if asked to overwrite existing files.
5. Start the game and look if you like it.

credits goes to planetpixelemporium.com.

...I will work out more planets to replace all of the stock planets.


don quijote

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#1 Majestic_MSFC 2010-08-15 19:41
Beautiful re-textures but I agree with Freyr, I would scale them down to either 1024 or 512. Really there isn't any real noticeable loss of detail.
#2 dan1025 2010-08-16 05:15
Nice to see some properly detailed textures for the normal planets but yeah I'll be scaling them down before I install them.

Still great work though :-)
#3 Adm_Zaxxon 2010-08-16 07:31
Nice! those are good star fields too, are those already downloadable?

Great detail!
#4 Chiletrek 2010-08-16 09:51

This pack is very good looking, I hope we'll get to see textures for the class-J giant Planets (like in your preview pics).

Keep it up!
#5 Atlantis27 2010-08-16 11:35
Chiletrek, I think that Class-J is a background image, not an object. Unfortunately. =)
#6 Doom369 2010-08-16 14:17
These textures are really good but they follow the same pattern as the stock texture replacements from midnight universe witch leave seams on the top and bottom of the planets. I think that kills any good planet texture. If the pattern used by the stock textures is used, you won't see seams, like on Terradyhne's planet.
#7 don_quijote 2010-08-16 15:43
hey guys, sorry for the large files. when i downscaled the textures i noticed that they looked a little more washy ;-) so i decided to let them untouched, i thought that this would be no problem for the most machines these days. i tested it on my acer notebook with a Geforce 8600MGs 512MB only, and it works perfect, even along with the other great high resolution and poly models from this site, which replaced my stock ones nearly complete.


yes, i noticed the problems with the seams. But the problem, its very complex to fix and conceal this problem, with these amount of detail in the texture.


i think one of the backgrounds is quite acceptable now. i will upload it soon, after downscaling the textures ;-)
#8 Freyr 2010-08-17 03:25
The simple but slightly cheaty way of solving the seam issue is to enlarge the clouds over the north pole of the planet. (the cloud textures start with "ECFR" to the best of my recollection)

Not that i've ever been stuck with this same problem of course. :P
#9 Omega_Mod_God 2010-08-21 13:27
Dude... I need more of your map stuff...

Can you release some BGs and some Nebulas of your own? I'd luv it!
#10 Omega_Mod_God 2010-08-21 13:30
@ Don

Could you by chance if you do scale down stuff for release send me the full scale ones?

*Srry for dble pst


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