12 Globes 12 Globes

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Twitch, 2004-06-02

This is another pack of celetial bodies by Twitch. I think you are gonna have to look at a picture of these to see what they are, cause they are descriptionless. From Earth-like worlds, to Glacier worlds, to Geidi Prime-like worlds, this is an awesome addition to the game.

12 Globes
by Twitch - simdoktor@aol.com

All of these planets are armed with a 4000 meter range planet phaser. All my planets will be
armed from now on and you can use the examples here to arm any planet. I use 50000x50000 maps
mostly so you can change the range of the weapon for smaller maps in fpphas, p4phot &
ppulse.odf. Armed planets really change the game and the AI uses them pretty well. I've
added a planet pulse phaser on a couple of these planets with the same power and range as
the phaser along with long-range photons topredoes.

I had a difficult time to get planets to have weapons. First was the use of the Borg Sphere?s
SOD with hardpoints scaled up. I had to fool around with the enclosed files to get it all to
work. I?m still not certain if all the changes I made are absolutely necessary but it does work
this way and affects nothing else. The station.odf may not really help but it is enclosed. It
has resource ability and range of site added. The planet odf can over ride the station.odf on
ones you may do. The station.odf will give all your stations a long scan range but resources
only if you designate it in the actual odf. So it will not hurt anything to include it then all
stations will have long range scan ability.

The planet.odf is modified to allow weapons, alert, combat, have resources and partly give the
planet a facility definition. Special weapons are possible but they do not work well with the
AI using them even with the special energy added. The regular weapons are plenty potent.

Many of the planets now have planet cloaks. The AI does not seem to use them but the player
controlled planets will. If you cloak the planets they lose their red alert status when
uncloaked and you must restore it or they get dumb and lazy if you leave them on their own.
When cloaked they will never be seen by ship with out cloak detecting equipment. If you
cloak your orbiter and add CloakEnable = 1 at the bottom of the gorbitalbeam.odf file you
can mine while cloaked from a cloaked planet! The AI will usually not let the planet cloak
when you hit the claok icon until it has reached max population but sometimes will.

If you have lots of planets like I do you can just add
more "named planets" file names to the e_planet.odf file like this:

menuTitle = "Planets"

buildItem1 = "ep_stand.odf"
buildItem2 = "ep_named.odf"
buildItem3 = "ep_named1.odf"
buildItem4 = "ep_named2.odf"
buildItem5 = "ep_named3.odf"
buildItem6 = "ep_named4.odf"

So whether you have this one extra group of planets (it would be ep_named1.odf) or more, the
above layout works by changing the number to the next in sequence to your e_planet.odf. The
example enclosed is ep_named11.odf

If you have a lot of planets and want to keep planet types together you can put something
like- menuTitle = "H & L Class Planets" in the heading in the ep_namedx.odf depending on what
type of planets they are- Class D, H, M, K, L & J. This makes for easier map making so you do
not have to search through many ep_namedx.odf lists. It will show types in the planet menu
when you press F10.


e_planet.odf -the above sample file is enclosed
ep_named11.odf -lists the enclosed planets -change # as needed






cacta1.tga, cacta2.tga
cim1.tga, cim2.tga
targa1.tga, targa2.tga
pampa1.tga, pampa2.tga
jawal1.tga, jawal2.tga
zolon1.tga, zolon2.tga
chill1.tga, chill2.tga
dot1.tga, dot2.tga
buxux1.tga, buxux2.tga
gris1.tga, gris2.tga
retreat1.tga, retreat2.tga
tyrol1.tga, tyrol2.tga
wpulse.tga -This changes the pulse sprite color on many ships so don't use if you like the

As always, these mods are not Activision official stuff so proceed with care. Back up files 1st
& manually add these. To uninstall delete these and put originals back in. They can be used in
any mod that does not have a modded station.odf or planet.odf file. Even then just add the lines
I put in and it should work.

You can use any of my files in any form you want- I don't care about credit
on anything you may use- just have fun!

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#1 Nateanite 2004-06-02 10:23
Wow, cloaking planets that can attack, sounds great. In fact...I think I'm going to start playing A2 some more. And the planets themselves look great.
#2 comorov 2004-06-04 05:07
whoever the hell keeps voting 1 on things that are blatently good i wish they would stop

p.s. nice planets and like i said before with the other planet pack rings wouldnt go well with them :-)
#3 STGamerNew2002 2004-06-04 06:51
Yeah, some planets with the 'rings' around them are NICE I say. :-)
#4 Matt_el_G 2004-06-07 08:27
Great stuff. Interesting concept... armed planets. I always wondered why they had shields, but no complete planetary defensive systems...
#5 Axer 2005-09-29 07:11
Wow an entire planet useing a planetary cloak has got to suck up a lot of juce.

And by the way what's up with the planet in the lower right corner looks like a meatball.

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