8472 Behemoth 8472 Behemoth

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Weyoun782, 2008-12-07

Conversion of the Species 8472 dreadnought seen in A2, for Armada. With a new weapon and some modified textures, and a conversion by Pepperman, it seems that Weyoun is determined to give as many designs of old back to the A1 version of the game. This is wonderful news for those of you still playing A1, and this model is worth a look.


Thanks to pepperman for converting this ship for me. The weapon comes from the galatic wars mod.

This is the 8472 behemoth from Armada 2, converted for armada 1.

go step by step and the install should go smoothly.

to install:
1. add all the contents of the addon, sod, textures folders into your armada main directory.
the textures go in the rgb folder.

2. add the line:

8472beh.odf 0

to your tech file.

3. add the ship to whatever shipyard you want to

4. open the weapon sprite, under reference 128, tmaterial=additive

# Bioship weapon
biobm w8472 0 0 128 32 @anim=tex1x4

5. open the global sprite
@reference 64 (under which ever race you want it to be under).
b_8472beh gb8472_behemoth 0 0 64 64

@reference 128 ship wireframes

8472behw1 8472bw 40 0 40 40
8472behw2 8472bw 0 40 40 40
8472behw3 8472bw 40 0 40 40
8472behw4 8472bw 40 40 40 40
8472behw5 8472bw 0 0 40 40

and enjoy.

e-mail me at lebron2561@yahoo.com for any questions.

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#1 apoclaydon 2008-12-07 09:27
wow those weapons look kool are they compatible for a2
#2 weyoun782 2008-12-07 09:42
I don't know, probably not.

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