Calnus Calnus

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Adam_Atlantian, 2006-12-01

This ships is one from the Star Ocean Project. I guess you could call this a showcase of whats to come Wink - This is for Armada I also, thus wont work (without a little modification) on Armada II.


This is the Calnus class vessel featured in The Star Ocean Project: Executioner Assault. It was originally used in Star Ocean: The Second Story released by Enix for the Playstation. It's a nice little cruiser to add to a fleet in my opinion, which is why I'm releaseing it before I release the mod.

Included files:
pfcruise.odf - Ship ODF
pbpulse.odf - Weapon ODF
pbpulseo.odf - Weapon Ordinance file
pcannon.odf - Special Weapon File
pcannono.odf - Special Weapon Ordinance File

fyard.odf - Edited Federation Shipyard
byard.odf - Edited Borg Shipyard
kyard.odf - Edited Klingon Shipyard
ryard.odf - Edited Romulan Shipyard - Edited tech Tree

Pfcruise2.SOD - Ship Sod

CLbb.tga - Build Button by me
gbpcan.tga - Specail Weapon Button from Star Treak Alliances (Permission from Wrath of Achilles)

camin.tga - Root texture from the Millinum Project, Altered by me
come2.tga - Root texture from the Millinum Project, Altered by me
calm.tga - Root texture from the Millinum Project, Altered by me
consh2.tga - Root texture from the Millinum Project, Altered by me
main2.tga - Root texture from the Millinum Project, Altered by me
wing5.tga - Root texture from the Millinum Project, Altered by me

Wpulse2.tga - Root texture from the Millinum Project, Altered by me
pcan.tga - Weapon Texture from Star Trek Alliances
(Permission from Wrath of Achilles)

PWCruise2.tga - Wireframe by me

All ODF's and SOD are included along with my handy-dandy instructions.

First we will transfer all files from the Zip folder.
Decide which Race you want to build this station before transfering all the files. Included are the four races Shipyard ODF's with the ability to build this ship. Pick only one to add to your addon folder.

fyard - Federation
kyard - Klingon
byard - Borg
ryard - Romulan

Put all Files in the Addon folder in
C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek - Armada\addon

Then put all files in the Rbg folder in
C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek - Armada\Textures\RGB

Finally put all files in the Sod Folder in
C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek - Armada\SOD

Once all the files have been transfered we begin the editing of Sprite files. Or as I call it: Nitty Gritty oh so Itchy

Open the Sprite folder in you're Armada1 Root Directory. Then open the weapons.spr file.

Scroll until you find this line:
# Psychonic Blast
wpsyblast wpsyblst 0 0 128 21 @anim=tex1x4

and add the following after:
pcan pcan 0 0 128 21 @anim=tex1x4

Now scroll down untill you see this line:
# Federation Pulse phaser
pphaser wpulse 0 0 128 32

and add the following after:
# Pfed Pulse phaser
pfphaser wpulse2 0 32 128 32

Save and close the weapon.spr file.

Now open the lights.spr file in your Sprites folder.

Scroll until you see this:

# amber lights
@sprite_node yellowconst AmberMulti const (1,1) (1,1,0)
@sprite_node yellowconstbig Ballflare flicker (2,2) (1,.8,.8)
@sprite_node yellowstrobe SmallStar strobe (.5,.5) (1,1,0) billboard
@sprite_node yellowstrobebig RedMulti strobe (1,1) (1,1,0) billboard
@sprite_node bigbillboard Ballflare flicker (1,1) (1,.8,.8) billboard

and add this line after it:

#Tutorial Blue Engine Glow
@sprite_node gcglow softglow const (2.5,2.5) (0,0.1,0.2) billboard

Save and Close the lights.spr file.

Now we get to edit the gui_global.spr file. Open it upo and get ready. It is rather unpleasent.

Scroll a good way down to this line:

# Federation build buttons

and add this line:
b_pfcruise2 CLbb 0 0 128 128

Now scroll to this line:
# Special weapon buttons

and add this line:
b_pcannon gbpcan 0 0 64 64

You may have to save and close this file often as it will only allow a certain amount of input at one time. It will tell you there is not enough memory for this action. Simply save and close the file. Reopen and continue on. The next part is tricky. It will take several gos to get it all in.

In the gui_global file scrol down to this line:
# Ship Wireframes

Add the following lines:

pfcruise2w1 pwcruise2 40 0 40 40
pfcruise2w2 pwcruise2 0 40 40 40
pfcruise2w3 pwcruise2 40 40 40 40
pfcruise2w4 pwcruise2 80 0 40 40
pfcruise2w5 pwcruise2 0 0 40 40

Save and close once you have finished.

Now this ship should be buildable.


Wrath of Achilles

The Millinum Project
I was unable to contact anyone with my permission request.
Problems? Let me know

I claim no credit for the textures they were done by others in the MIllinum Project and in Star Trek Armada Alliances.

I would like to be notified before anyone reproduces this or adds it to a mod. Thanx :)

This product is not licensed or supported by Square-Enix, Activision or other affiliates of Star Trek Armada or The Square-Enix company.

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Nice looking model, quite different from anything I've sen here before


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