Buildable Galaxy Class for A1 Buildable Galaxy Class for A1

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2003-09-02

This mod adds the Galaxy Class to the build menu.

Good mod, but poor installation instructions.

A1 Galaxy class Readme

Warning this is a Armada 1 mod only

Just place the files into the addon directory
Also There is no build button

I made this mod this mod is not supported by Activision. I am also not responsible for any damage this mod may do to your computer.

Any questions or comments please e-mail me at

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#11 KevinJohnson 2006-05-12 12:20
if any one wuld like it i culd make one with a buildable galaxy and prenanition class with build buttons
#12 Chiletrek 2007-03-25 13:52

This mod (or this kind of mod) is a classic and the very first I have downloaded for Armada1.

I'm very happy to see it available here again :-)

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