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yochenhsieh, 2011-05-01

This is a single player enhancement mod for Armada 1. It includes additional ships and replacement for stock ships. The tech tree is also modified so that you can build the new ships in single player campaign. Basicaly most things are still the same as original Armada, but with enhanced graphics and better models.

As for system requirements, I've tested it on Asus EeePC (Celeron 630mhz) and HP mini-note (VIA 1.2Ghz, Atom N270) netbooks. It also works on x86 and x64 versions of Windows 7. Enjoy!


Armada SP mod v1.0

Author: You-Cheng Hsieh (yochenhsieh)

Star Trek: Armada
Armada v1.2 Patch

How to install:
Install to where your Armada is installed. The setup wizard will detect the path from your registry, or you may choose to install it to a different folder.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or opinions, please contact me at:
yochenhsieh AT gmail DOT com

Known problems:
New models don't have borg nodes when they're assimilated.
Ships and stations are not balanced very well.

Features & Changes:
*.3 and *.4 textures removed to improve visual quality.
New models for defiant, steamrunner, akira, nebula, galaxy, sovereign, negh'var, vor'cha, b'rel, warbird, galor, keldon, Dominion battlecruiser and attackship, breen warship.
Replaced borg textures with Armada II version.
Added Intrepid, k'tinga, Norexan, Tactical cube, Borg renegade ship, Nova, saber, norway, ambassador and k'vort class.
Galaxy class is buildable now.
All starbases can build scout ships now.
Hero ships made slightly stronger.
Science ships dilithium cost decreased.
Added torpedoes for starbases, cruiser1 and destroyers.
Added phasers for cruiser2 vessels.
Increased shield strength and recharge rates for all ships and Starbases.
Increase dilithium cost of all starbases.
3 single player maps modified.
New space body and background textures.
New planet textures for several planets.
New Armada icon. (based on a wallpaper of Armada 2.)

Notable specs change:
Fed scout ships: Saber class is the most strong, but without tachyon grid. Nova class has tachyon grid, but is more expensive than Saber. Venture class also has tachyon grid and is the cheapest, but is also the weakest.
Fed destroyers: Defiant class is stronger and has antimatter mines, but more expensive. Norway is cheaper, but require more crew.
Fed battleships: Galaxy require more crew and officers, but less dilithium than Sovereign. Sovereign has corbomite deflector, and is the strongest. Ambassador is the cheapest, but also the weakest.
Rom battleships: Warbird has shield converter but is weaker than Norexan. Norexan requires less dilithium and crew, but need more officers.
Borg battleships: Tactical cube has regerneration, auto-assimilator, and holding beam, but require lots more dilithium, crew, officer, and time to build.
Klingon battleships: K'vort require less resource to build, but Negh'var has (powerful) ion cannon if you spend a little more dilithium to build them.

9 of 9 - Ambassador, Defiant, steamrunner, intrepid, akira, nova, galaxy, b'rel, k'vort, Jem'Hadar attackship, tactical cube, Toral's Negh var.
Deemon - Norway, Nebula, Vor'cha, Negh'var, DS9, Voodieh, Hideki, Dominion dreadnought, Cardassian shipyard.
Redragon - Norexan, Dominion battlecruiser.
Admiral - Sovereign
Capt Fingers - Venture Class.
Twitch - Renegade ship
Mad Doc Softwares - k'tinga, galor, keldon, Saber class (Armada II).
Author unknown - breen warship, quantum torpedo.
Jc - photon torpedo.
Fallen warrior - planet textures.
Dawn - most wireframes.
Pepperman - Norexan wireframe.
Kaboom - most build buttons.
Captain Elgy - space backgrounds.

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#1 MajorAPayne 2011-05-02 16:15
Okay so firstly a pretty good release. Stable, small download and quick install. However. I don't know about other players of the game but hardware theses days is capable of a hell of alot more. There are a lot better models there and surely you could have replaced certain support ships with other classes instead of those from A2??

Still. As I said. A good release but you could try pushing the limits of the pc/netbook hardwares you've tested this one.

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