Armada Restoration Project Armada Restoration Project

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2007-03-01
Captain Mario: THIS IS NOT MY MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

This mod is from

in the Gamemods Section.

THIS WAS ORIGIONALLY CREATED BY "[SE]FC Odyssey" on armada fleet command.

I've no idea what this is, though from the title, it is a modification to make the stock Armada I stuff better... Correct me if I'm wrong.

- Ash


Thank You for downloading - Armada Restoration Project

Please keep your toung inside your mouth at all times & we hope you enjoy


Note - There is a way to have Normal Armada & Modded! (Adv. Installation)

- Basic -
Step 1 - Double click & follow instructions
- 1a - Say Yes to all when it asks if U want to replace files

Adv. Installation - How to have your mod & normal armada as well

Step 1 - Open up "My Computer"

Step 2 - From there go to "Drive C" or "Local Disk C" (Or whatever Hard drive it's installed on)

Step 3 - From there go to Program Files & then Activision.

Step 4 - Right click on the Star Trek - Armada folder & select Copy.

Step 5 - Next to it right click & select Paste

Step 6 - Rename the new copy Star Trek - ArmadaNoMod

Step 7- Folow basic installation procedure.

- Now U have both, but to play normal Armada, you will have to go into
C:/Program Files/Activision & Rename the Modded armada to
"Star Trek - ArmadaMod" & the "Star Trek - ArmadaNoMod" to
"Star Trek - Armada"

The Folder Named "Star Trek - Armada" will be the files used to play the game

DESCRIPTION - This Mod alters the ships in the game to work more like their counterparts seen on TV. The Time era for this Mod is set around DS9 & 1st Contact. A few features of this mod include Real Time burst fire Pulse weapons, Buildable Galaxy class (Federation), Cardassian & Breen(DominionShipyard), More realistic weapons, & more functional ships. I hope you enjoy & play this online w/ your freinds.

Credits - I acquired the federation ships, the k't'inga & the prototype from
the MilleniumProject mod. Sounds came from here there & elsewhere & were
altered to work in Armada.

Version    Author  Unknown / Anonymous  Website   
Downloads  3,264  Size  7.83 MB  Created  2007-03-01 



#11 ST_and_SW_Freak 2007-06-23 09:24
when I try to open the .ZIP file it brings up an error page! anyone know how to fix it?
#12 anarchyfan 2009-07-26 20:12
This is a GREAT mod! It's probably the only reason i stil play A1 (that and A2 costs around 100$ now) Rock :borg:

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