Romulan Missions Romulan Missions

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FallenGraces, 2009-01-18

This is a beta version of the A1 Romulan missions, re-written by FallenGraces. There hasn't been time to test these missions but I think FallenGraces' intention is to have you, the community, test and report back on the subject. There aren't any installation instructions either, which is unfortunate.

Hopefully this will result in a fully tested finalized version somewhere down the line, but unleashing untested mods (especially missions, which the game is so fickle about seeing changed) isn't usual practice here....


As promised the S.P missions For A1 the Roms.
I have been busy as of late so i havent been able to get anyone to test these though they should work (used a copy of stock a1)

please get back to me with any problems.

p.s- instructions not included (i assume you know what to do) if you need help just drop a comment in the section Below!


Pics (bmp & jpeg)
BZN files
TT for modding the tech in the missions
And backup stock files
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#1 FallenGraces 2009-01-18 13:07
at the time i uploaded these i was in a rush so as the description box states there arent any instrutions in the readme so here

Put All the files into the BZN folder (under root directory) and overwrite all previous missions scripts.

as to the second part of the description its corect i hadnt had time to install these in my game but for the most part they shoul be fina any bugs and i would be happy to release a second version

P.S all missions are redone i forgot to upload the final pic

the missions up are

the Gauntlet 1st

Call to power 2nd

Unholy alliances 3rd

the pic for Cloak and dagger isnt up there though but it has been redone

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