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FallenGraces, 2008-11-18

FallenGraces has put together a revised set of maps for the Klingon missions in Armada (not Armada II, but the original). These maps should promise more of a challenge for you A1 gamers out there. It takes a lot more work to see these campaign mission re-writes through to a finished product, but be advised that there are some bugs in the way this re-write has been processed which may cause some of you frustration if you're not aware of them before you try to use the mod. This is what "readme" file contents are for, after all.

Worth a download if you're up to the challenge.


Read this then the each of the other text documents

Klingon Missions Redone by Fallengraces

I made a promise and im keep it. Here are the Klingon missions Complete with screenies (cheaters). These are not my first complete mission redos (look for Dark Omens on A2F). But it is my first full S.P race redo

Each of the missions have a readme file that goes along with them explaining any bugs, difficulty, and units that that mission has so please...

Be Kind Rewind.... no really i urge you to read them

Directions (For you Uber noobs)

One your star trek armada root file (i.e. C:/program files/Activision/Star Trek) and place the BZN's under the Folder labeled BZN thats it...

Did i lose anyone....you in the back any questions...yes...no...good lets move along then.

If you want the jpeg files as well just move them to your BZN file and boom enjoy


P.S. For the lame Humor i apologize i have been workin on this better portion of 2 days straight

P.P.S My spell check is goin insane XD

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#1 FallenGraces 2008-11-19 05:33
the bugs mentioned


just hit space to skip
#2 Firestorm603 2008-11-19 11:53
Are the pics in chronological order? Pic 1 = mission 1 etc.
#3 FallenGraces 2008-11-19 13:53
no the pics follow the order that the bn files are named though i can give the order

pic 1 = Enemy within (mission 2)

pic 2 = To the Gates of Sto'Vo'Kor (mission 1)

pic 3 = Good Day to Die (mission 3) (contains cut scene glitch hit space to skip)

pic 4 = Grey Eminence (mission 4) (contains a intentional glitch Work watches the Avenger)
#4 weldon 2008-11-19 21:19
I am very impressed with the way things have come since this :

It was the first first person modifcation ever built but none ever under stood it or gave it credit. It was actually the first tutorial session modded diffrently from th original fed section 1st tutorial.
#5 weldon 2008-11-19 22:08
PS sorry it was for A2
#6 FallenGraces 2008-11-22 17:27
could it be for the fact no useful info was ever given? :roll:

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