Armada 1 Borg missions Armada 1 Borg missions

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FallenGraces, 2009-04-03

Well here are the Borg missions redone and all that. The missions are rushed and aren't as good as i would like them to be but i was caught in testing and had to do a Half-assed job, for that i aplogize if you find it subpar, they were on my comp half done for a long time. If not i thank you and hope you continue to enjoy. This does contain a Readme and Stock missions in case of problems.

Found 'em :D

These are the borg missions. These ARE tested and no bugs have ben found. The problem is the Borg mssions use a lot of script and pathways so editing them created problems as such some of thses arent as fully changed as i wanted them to be (namely twilight hour which only underwent a few cosmetic changes). I am hoping to come back and redo these more fully but time is getting sort. If you get any issues please contact me at

Add all the files into your bzn folder and play ;D

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#1 BenGriggs 2009-04-09 07:37
I recently downloaded this map but before I can even get started building I get attacked by three Jem'Hadar Cruisers and nine fighters, even if I get a Nexus up, they just use the shield disruptor and destroy it. I don't even do any exploring at all and the difficulty is on easy please help! :confused
#2 BenGriggs 2009-04-13 12:50
The map looks ok. Its the first Borg mission that i keep getting killed immediately. Within the time it takes to build a nexus.

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