Premonition Shipyards Premonition Shipyards

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Jeri Hansen, 2008-02-17

2 versions of Premonition Shipyards one with Blue Nebulae and the other with green nebulae. Both have the yellow nebulae just with a different shape.

Premonition Shipyards
4 Player A1 Map
By Jeri Hansen

2 versions of Premonition Shipyards one with Blue Neb and the other with green neb both have the yellow neb just shape different and now for the story behind the map

The Premonition Shipyard have been cover with a Radioactive Nebula it happen so fast that only one ship made it out alive the USS Premonition. We believe that it may be a new Borg weapon that did this. We sending you to wipe the computer database from the base or destroy it before it fall into enemy hands. Warning The Radioactive Nebula has lost some of Radiation but is still damaging to Human life but not as much as it was.


Copy and paste the files in the zip into your D:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek Armadaaddon Folder but not the screenshots or this read me.

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Screenshots would have been nice. still downloading

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