Enterprise E is Lost Enterprise E is Lost

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Captain_H, 2003-05-22

The map is a maybe not correct, recreation of the nebula that the Ent E and the Semitar fought in. This time
the Ent E loses, Earth's people are kiled, and Sizon (not spelled right, I think) Wins. There are metaphasic nebulas spread
thourghout the map with the most dense ones with some speacial nebulas (shiped with the game that is, no modifications).
Each base has an inf-moon. The rest of the map is dotted with regular moons.

Developer: Captain_H
Email: bwkilgore@plateautel.net
File Info: Next map, 4 players

Thanks for downloading my newest armada I map, I had always wanted to make my own
maps so this is next in what I hope will be a long line of them.

Besure to read the discription for more information.
But, to install the map, just unzip to a separate file and put the map files into the bzn
folder. For now on, my maps that have objects that are not part of the original Armada I
or Armada II games will be included in the zip in the same folders that are located in the
main folers of the two games. At the end of my readmes I will include credits to the creator
or creators of the extra map objects or stations or ships.

Please send any comments to the email address above. If you are having problems sending comments to my email address
give comments on the Armada II Files site on my file's page, or if you have gotten this from AFC then make your comments
on the file's page on the site.

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Na J/k Its a nice map I love it :-)
#2 Madmark429 2005-12-13 12:07

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