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Unknown / Anonymous, 2002-06-11

this is an addon for photoshop allowing u to make wire frames for your mod

Thanks for downloading my Startrek aramda 2 wireframe photoshop 6 action i hope this help you make wireframes easier.

to install extract the STA2_Wireframe_Maker.atn to

C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop 6.0PresetsPhotoshop Actions

if you installed your copy of photoshop 6 somewhere other then there you will have to find it.

then open photoshop 6 and go to the actions tab on the uper left there is a small round button with a arrow on it click it and go to load action load the STA2_Wireframe_Maker.atn now it is in the action list.

to use click on STA2 Wireframe Maker in the actions tab and click the play button it will help you from there on.

once you have a wireframe you will need to add this to your gui_global.spr file

yourshipsodw1 yourwire 40 0 40 40
yourshipsodw2 yourwire 0 40 40 40
yourshipsodw3 yourwire 40 40 40 40
yourshipsodw4 yourwire 80 0 40 40
yourshipsodw5 yourwire 0 0 40 40

yourshipsod being your ship sod filename exp: killership

yourwire being your new wireframe exp: killershipwire




Westworld for his big book of modding


All of the B5A2 team for being a great mod

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#1 SYSDmg 2002-08-18 13:13

I was looking forward to finally being able to make some wireframes, but when you enter it into the gui_global and go into the game it dosnt work :sad: all you see is a black box instead of a blank one :sad:
#2 wraith_shadow 2006-07-26 03:00
I had no problem selecting everything for my ship. I set them all up in the corret places. I had to add my own @reference=128.

But when I play the game, only one part of my ships appear. For example, on the bc-303 only the sensors appear. With the bc-304 only the sheilds appear.

If you could add a little bit more detailed read me, getting the image was easy, but implenting it was confusing.

I am using photoshop 7.0.
#3 wraith_shadow 2006-07-26 03:44
Well you need to take the magic wand and select the black. Then you need to delete it so the image has a transparent background.

But, it is backwards. Where I put my engines, it says its life support when its damaged. And my life support says its sheilds when they are damaged. ect. I'm going to do a little more testing and post the guide for photoshop 7.0 users.

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