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Mete Ciragan, 2002-06-11

This is a fairly easy way to create new ships and stations

MilkShape 3D 1.5.10
Release Notes


Version 1.5.10:
- Added: A5 GameStudio import/export
- Added: Edit Vertex. Edit X, Y, Z values of a selected vertex.
- Updated: DirectX 8 exporter by John Thompson
- Added: RtCW MDC import by sanjo
- Added: RtCW MDC import /w automatic texture import by SileNT
- Added: Kingpin MDX importer by TiCaL
- Added: Orbiter Mesh ASCII Exporter by Nicholas Musurca
- Added: Rogue Spear QOB importer by Peter Sienkiewicz
- Added: SOFTIMAGE|XSI importer by Dominic Laflamme
- nothing else has changed

Version 1.5.9:
- Fixed: Can export Max Payne KF2 Weapons now.
- Fixed: A silly message box popped up during Max Payne KF2 export.
- Changed: Quake II MD2 export: maximum number of frames is now 4096.
- Changed: Made debugger checks less strict.

Version 1.5.8:
- Added: Max Payne import KF2/KFS/SKD
- Added: Max Payne export KF2/KFS/SKD
- Added: The Sims SKN import (build-in)
- Added: The Sims SKN export (build-in)
- Added: 3D viewport: added select groups/joints when holding down ALT to the
already existing select vertex, face by vertex.
- Added: BVH importer (BioVision Hierarchy) by Keith Harrison. This plugin is
shareware, and should be registered to support further development. See
- Fixed: zoom/panning in the perspective viewports behave better, when zoomed
very closely.
- Updated: DirectX exporter by John Thompson.

Version 1.5.7:
- Added: Serious Sam export (automatic LWO 6.5x/SCR with frames).
- Added: LWO 6.5x export (can export meshes, uv maps, material and textures).
- Added: Serious Sam import.
- Added: Serious Sam texture loader.
- Added: Both DirectX exporters by John Thompson and Matthew Scott.
- Added: DargonZap's Reverse Animation and Scale All plugins.
- Fixed: MS3D doesn't crash anymore, if the creation of the GL context fails.
- Fixed: bug in MS3D loader, which sometimes moved a triangle to another group.
- Fixed: MS3D sometimes crashes, when exiting.
- Changed: It is possible again to export OBJ, LWO 6.5x meshes at the current frame.

Version 1.5.6:
- Added: bones/joints are colored differently, when they have a key at the current time.
- Added: mouse wheel support for orthogonal and perspective viewports. Use the SHIFT
modifier to zoom in/out 10 times faster.
- Added: middle mouse button support for panning viewports.
- Added: FatBoy plugin by DragonZap. For making models fatter or thinner.
- Added: latest VRML 97 exporter by Roland Smeenk. This update adds some extra
exporter options for formatting the output. Animation can be exported
(coordinateinterpolator) and it is now possible to export Hanim 1.2
(skinned mesh) compliant models.
- Updated: TMD importer and Smooth Edge plugins by DragonZap.

Version 1.5.5:
- Changed: background images move with the grid now.
- Fixed: SMD import can append at current time again.
- Included MSVCP60.DLL, which is use by some plugins.
- Included new icon from Jason Collins, old one is still available.
- Minor fixes

Version 1.5.4:
- Updated: latest versions of DragonZap's plugins
- Added: animation scale plugin by Dirk Ulbricht.
- Changed: paths are saved relativly.
- I can see the material ball under Win2k and Win98SE. I hope it works for other too ;-)

Version 1.5.3:
- Added: "Mirror All" tool plugin by DragonZap,
- Added: "Smooth Edge" tool plugin by DragonZap,
- Added: PlayStation TMD importer plugin by DragonZap,
- Added: tool plugins are undoable now.
- Changed: LightWave LWO importer doesn't check for the 'FORMS' and 'LWOB'
chunks anymore. Some files, which couldn't be loaded can be loaded now.
- Fixed: zero length joint names are not allowed anymore.
- Fixed: If you delete a joint, all vertices assigned to that joint become
- Fixed: If you save and then export, you are not asked to save your model,
when you close MilkShape 3D.
- Changed: If you load from the shell, then the directory of the new file
becomes the current working directory.
- Fixed: some memory leaks caused by the mxToolKit.

Version 1.5.2:
- Added: Lithium UnWrapper LUV Importer
- Added: Divide Edge (divide the edge between 2 vertices)
- Fixed: minor fixes with material id's

Version 1.5.1:
- Added: Progressive Mesh Tool PlugIn
- Added: Enhanced SDK to support custom tools like modifiers
- Updated: SDK to version 1.3

Version 1.5.0:
- Fixed: regroup did just the same as duplicate selection.
- Fixed: wild joints on open file with animation mode on.
- Added: Unreal Tournament Skeletal System PSK exporter/import plugins
- Added: Handy .uc, .int generator in PSK exporter
- Added: 2 new commands: Tools->Unreal Tournament->Load Default Male Skeleton
and Load Default Female Skeleton.
- Added: final importer plugin for No One Lives Forever.
- Added: exporter plugin for No One Lives Forever.
- Updated: latest Nebula Engine exporter by Dirk Ulbricht.
- Trial Period restarts.

Version 1.4.5:
- Added: NOLF importer. Imports meshes and skeletons.
- Added: Lithtech's DTX image file format. Using Stefan Bolders DTX class.
- Added: included the Nebula Engine exporter by Dirk Ulbricht.

Version 1.4.4:
- Fixed: regroup selected faces sometimes removed a triangle from another group.
- Fixed: MD2 export: the 2. skin should be correct now.
- Fixed: phantom vertices shouldn't happend anymore.
- Fixed: when doing shell exectution of a .ms3d file, it was called untitled.ms3d.
- Fixed: .ms3d.ms3d extensions shouldn't happen anymore.
- Fixed: crazy joints during IO shouldn't happen anymore, even animation mode on.
- Added: included the latest NOD importer/exporter by Yith

Version 1.4.3:
- Fixed: Q3A export crashed, when you had a lot of frames to export.
- Fixed: MilkShape 3D crashes after querying the GL_EXTENSIONS string for
newer Geforce cards. Geforce has so many extensions ;-)
- Added: added the VRML97 Exporter made by Roland Smeenk

Version 1.4.2:
- Fixed: background images: can load for all orthogonal viewports,
doesn't move around, when panning.
- Fixed: when shift-selecting, the selectionbox wasn't drawn.

Version 1.4.1:
- Added: 3d viewport selection for vertices and faces by vertex
- Added: optional close cylinder
- Added: Vampire: the Masquerade NOD exporter and importer (both without bones yet)
- Changed: any file formats can be loaded for the background image
- Fixed: texture coordinates on seam in Quake MDL Export
- Once again: the trial period restarts

- To use the 3d viewport selection, activate the Select tool and hold down the
Alt key. Only vertices and faces by vertex can be selected, other select modes
like Ignore backfaces, group, joint are not yet possible.
- For some reasons, it is just possible to choose a background image for the front
- The Quake MDL export uses the same .qc file format like the modelgen.exe in the Q1 SDK

Version 1.4.0:
- Fixed: Wavefront OBJ export had .3ds extension
- Fixed: no more 100% CPU usage, only in play mode
- Fixed: bug in new material
- Fixed: small bug in remove triangle, which sometimes accidently
removed the first triangle of a group
- Added: goto prev/next keyframe for a selected joint
- Improved material rendering
- Improved flat shading
- Quake1 MDL export
- Quake1 MDL: added skip command, which skips the current frame
- Quake2 MD2: fixed texture coordinate bug in export
- Quake2 MD2: improved frame exporting
- Quake III Arena: extended the $frames command
- Quake III Arena: fixed MD3 import
- MS3D: save total frames
- included RenderMan RIB exporter
- update SDK (file format spec) to 1.2
- uploaded Mesa 3.1 (OpenGL) drivers

Version 1.3.2:
- Fixed texture coordinate bug.
- Added an ms3d.log, which can be sent back to me, if you have startup problems.
- Replaced the .3ds import/export by completly new plugins.
- Updated SDK to v1.1, update file format spec.
- Added file format spec for MilkShape 3D ASCII to the SDK.
- Enhanced decompile MDL: you can decompile the parts you want (reference, sequences, textures, .qc-file)
- trial period restarts
- you can optionally disable line stippling, if you don't see the selection boxes

Version 1.3.1:
- Fixed the .MS3D open bug.
- Added more image file formats like jpeg, tiff, pbm, pgm, png, pcd and ico.
- You can choose now, wether you want to decompile the reference.smd or the

Version 1.3.0:

- Export SDK (allows to export model data, no other specials yet)
- Transparency
- Alpha texture map
- optimized .ms3d file format (just open old one and resave)

Note: you can download the SDK from the MilkShape 3D download page.

Version 1.2.1:

- 30 days trial period restarts. Users with an expired version can check out the
latest stuff.

Version 1.2.0:

- Full Quake III Arena MD3 export. Take a look at the small starter tutorial on the
MilkShape 3D page on
- Note: the MD3 import isn't finished yet
- Generate MD3 export control file (see small starter tutorial)
- Append Frames on SMD import
- Added map_Kd to Wavefront OBJ import/export
- Export Wavefront OBJ on current frame
- MD2 $origin and $rotate commands
- CS Decompile option for left and right handed weapons
- Print mins, maxs and center of the model
- fixed joint nameing bug
- fixed joint paste - set keyframe bug

Jul 01 2000, Mete

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