Federation Shipscale Federation Shipscale

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2004-09-23

This is a printer friendly graph that shows the scale and approxmate sizes of several ships. Version 2.0 boasts three sheets of ships, and correctly scaled ships.

This is version 2.0 of my Federation Shipscale.

It is comprised of three sheets that are printer friendly.

Ship dimensions were thoroughly researched, with special thanks to the
following sources:

/Ex Astris Scientia Starship Database
Daystrom Institute Technical Library
Neutral Zone Starship Database
StarTrek Omnipedia
TNG Technical Manual
Starship Schematic Database/

Additional thanks to all the users who made comments. This inspired me
to do
the additional research on dimensions. Where there was a difference
sources, the most prevailent size was used.

Version  2.0  Author  Unknown / Anonymous  Website   
Downloads  2,107  Size  1.74 MB  Created  2004-09-23 



#1 Lt_Commander 2004-09-23 11:32
The screenshot, once again, is resized from it's origional format to fit the requirements of the site. THe real picture is about 8x10 inches.
#2 Greathor 2004-09-24 04:45
hey hey, the sabre is now in proper proportions

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