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Utility.png A2 Mod Manager 0.8.17

(4 votes)

This utility allows you to select which mods you want on when playing A2.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-08-30   125.91 KB 1,450 Comments: 6

Utility.png A2 Mod Manager 1.2.03

(11 votes)

This is an update of the popular A2 Mod Manager. Here's a list of updated features from the author: Well, Mod Manager v1.2.03 is complete.

 Jemidiah 2002-10-13   221.36 KB 4,844 Comments: 5

Utility.png Armada II Editor 2.14

(9 votes)

This allow you to edit almost all files inside armada II. You can edit tech trees, sounds, odf and many more.

 Nick Walters 2002-06-11   1.66 MB 1,353 Comments: 0

Utility.png Armada II Mod Selector

(1 vote)

This allows you to switch between mods and keep you multiplayer game intact so that you can play online.

 Skara Brae 2002-06-11   109.50 KB 1,275 Comments: 1

Utility.png Bubbles Go Pop

(10 votes)

Originating from the Forums:Other "Pain in the Butt" Objects this ladies and gentlemen (though an extremely basic modification) is a very well done pr…

 Gavin1701 2006-10-13   181.68 KB 900 Comments: 9

Utility.png Concept: Future Animated Banner 2.0

(3 votes)

In this version there are credits at the end and I've added some really cool background music.

 WASAAP 2003-03-10   4.62 MB 680 Comments: 3

Utility.png Conceptfuture intro type banner 1.0

(2 votes)

Nice banner created by WASAAP for conceptfuture - although the developers are a bit old (and prob left the community) Thanx!!

 WASAAP 2003-03-08   2.13 MB 376 Comments: 0

Utility.png Dilithium Editor

(3 votes)

This allows u to edit the amount of dilithium you have in saved games

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-06-11   211.36 KB 1,019 Comments: 1

Utility.png Federation Ships Wireframe Pack

(6 votes)

This is a Federation Ships wireframe pack. If you are missing vital wireframes for the latest ships then this is for you, it includes over 40 wirefram…

 darklord100 2004-11-28   684.74 KB 1,329 Comments: 2

Utility.png generic mod enabler

(1 vote)

This program is a mod manager, akin to the mod support built into some games.

  Jaesen Jones 2009-10-07   284.29 KB 581 Comments: 5