Trade Federation Battle Freighter Trade Federation Battle Freighter

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Coffee Boy, 2002-06-27

Great detail in the ship. Now just install( somewhat hard) and then you are ready to surround naboo. And get rid of those pesky Jedis!

Trade Federation Battle Freighter
by Coffee Boy

Stard.odf and bcraft.odf were created by Wolf362, rtlaser.odf, rtlasero.odf and rtlaser.wav were created by Jc and the Star trek Vs. Star Wars Team.

Thanks to Major Payne, The Great One, Kleotol, and Westworld for their many tutorials on the net. Also thanks to Wraith for letting me join the Babylon 5: Armada 2 team when I was a newbie and kept making mistakes, starship backwards anyone? And finally thanks to Ghostrider for playtesting and advice on Star Wars ships.

This is the Trade Federation Battle Freighter from Star Wars Episode I & II, it is an extra ship unbuildble by the AI.

Disclaimer: This material is not supported by Activision or Lucasarts in any way. Star Wars and related marks are copyright Lucasfilm. These are used without permission and no profit is obtained from this model.

Copy the files into the corresponding folders:

trade.odf ----------> odf/ships
trade.sod ----------> sod
all .tga files -----> textures/rgb
rtlasero.odf -------> odf/weapons/pulse
rtlaser.odf --------> odf/weapons/pulse
rtlaser.wav --------> sounds/effects
stard.odf ----------> odf/ships
bcraft.odf ---------> odf/ships

you will need to add:

buildItemX = "trade"

To the ship yard you wish to build the ship in. (replace X with the next number in line)

Add this line to

trade.odf 0

Add this line to gui_global.spr:


b_trade gbtbatt 0 0 64 64

If you already have the weapons insatalled you can obviously miss this part out. For the lasers open weapon.spr, under where is says:


copy and paste:

# Rebel Laser
rlaser staweps 0 32 128 32

OK that's it, the Trade Federation Battle Freighter should now be buildable in game.

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i dont under stand
#2 Guest 2003-08-12 23:21
It would be fantastic if somebody could make an installer for this then it would be soo mcuh fun :-)

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