Species 8472 Terrasphere Species 8472 Terrasphere

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Chiletrek, 2011-05-10

This is my version of the canon design: The Species 8472 Terrasphere. It contains all necessary

files and instructions for you to add this model to the game.

It is possible that I'll make variants of the Terrasphere, like the Terradome (seen in Star Trek

Online) and maybe even some custom designs, but those could be done much later.

I hope you'll all like my model Smile

eSpecies 8472 Terrasphere:

I am Chiletrek and this mod contains my version of the Species 8472 Terrasphere.

Species 8472 is a powerful presence in the game, but it is always one of the most neglected races, still it is between the races with the best quality of stock models and textures; but after this many years since the game first came out, all races began having updates on their models and now I wanted to try and give Species 8472 some new models and, in this way, to update them a bit.

Also, the Terrasphere is a canon design, but since I think it appeared after the game's release then it was never included, so maybe now we can add some extra joy to our games with Species 8472.

Things I made:

1) New model and texture for the Species 8472 Terrasphere.

2) Buildbutton, Wireframe, Admiral's Log pic and ODF.

3) This Read me.

Installation Instructions:

Before anything, you should make a backup of your files since they will edited and/or replaced. The file that will receive an editing will be gui_global.spr, so try to have a backup of it before editing it, so it will be easier to revert to a previous state.

1) Unzip the contents of this file on a temporary folder.

2) Open your Star Trek Armada II folder.

3) Copy the .sod file from this "SOD" folder and paste it in your SOD folder located in the main game directory.

4) Copy 8472_Terrasphere.bmp and paste it in your bitmapsAdmiralsLogShipImages folder.

5) Copy the content of the "stations" folder and paste them in your odfstations folder. This is the station's main ODF file.

6) Copy all .tga files of the "RGB" folder and paste them in your TexturesRGB folder.

7) Open your Sprites folder and open gui_global.spr with Notepad.

8) Search for: #8472 Wireframes

9) Paste these lines:

8472_Terraspherew1 8472_terraspherewire 40 0 40 40
8472_Terraspherew2 8472_terraspherewire 0 40 40 40
8472_Terraspherew3 8472_terraspherewire 40 40 40 40
8472_Terraspherew4 8472_terraspherewire 80 0 40 40
8472_Terraspherew5 8472_terraspherewire 0 0 40 40

if you cannot fine the @reference=128 line, you can add it, this will allow for the correct visualization of the new wireframes.

10) Search for: # 8472 build buttons

11) Paste this line after the last entry:

b_8472_Terrasphere gb8472_terrasphere 0 0 64 64

This will add the build button to the game. The build button is a new design using Yacuzza's 8472 button template from the Twilight Mod.

12) To add the Terrasphere to your Map Editor:
Go to the odfother folder and find the file e8_stati.odf
Make sure you remove the "Read only" feature, then open it and add:

item* = "8472_Terrasphere"

replace the "*" with the next number of the list.

13) Open your tech1.tt and add:
8472_Terrasphere.odf 1 8472_BasicResearch.odf

Under the last Species 8472 entry in the "SPECIES 8472 STATIONS" section.

Then open your fulltech.tt and add:
8472_Terrasphere.odf 0

Under the last Species 8472 entry.

14) A MS3d files is present in the MS3d folder, if someone wants to take a look at it ;) .

15) Pheewwww, Finally, you are ready to enjoy this mod, I'm sorry to make such long read me but it was neccesary to try to avoid problems.


1) Gene Roddenberry: For creating the Star Trek saga. Thank you very much!

2) Activision and Mad-Doc Software: For making the game.

3) Yacuzza for allowing me to use his Species 8472 button template from the Twilight Mod.

4) My friends, who have been quite insistent with me so I can begin releasing new modding materials XD .

5) Chiletrek (me!): Made the new models and textures.

6) You: For taking your time to take a look at my mod :)


Any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can E-mail me at: astro_nejiro at hotmail.com

If you want to include any of my models into your mod, please let me know :) .

I am not responsible for any type of damage, either for virus or for the use of this MOD.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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